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  1. Focus ST Line X 140

    Good luck and hope its all sorted for you, let me know the outcome as I hope to get mine in the next few weeks so it will be something for me to check. I am assuming these are the mats that come standard with the ST Line X?
  2. Focus ST Line X 140

    Joe, any response to the floor mat issue?
  3. Focus ST Line X 140

    Joe, looks good in black, looking forward to seeing more pictures. Do like those wheels.
  4. Focus ST Line X 140

    Joe, glad you are enjoying your car, looking forward to seeing pictures. Jake, i think your car looks great in that colour with those wheels as well. Do you have a spare wheel/ space saver and a link for your boot liner?
  5. Focus ST Line X 140

    Joe thank you for your response, it is hopefully coming next month.
  6. Focus ST Line X 140

    Hi have gone for a white focus, dealer advises it comes with a mini spare wheel (space saver). Joe would be interested in your thoughts on the ST Line X when you get it. Did try the 125bhp 1.0 which impressed me and seemed quite punchy and felt bigger than a 1 litre engine so assumed the 140 bhp version would have even more punch. Would be interested in some pics of your car when you get it Joe.
  7. Focus ST Line X 140

    Hi, thank you for your reply, unfortunately I do not have a reg or VIN number yet and only a provisional build date. I know it has 18" wheels though. I have not seen anything posted about ST Line X's yet so was wondering whether any had hit the street yet.
  8. Focus ST Line X 140

    Hi, I have ordered a Focus ST Line X 140bhp Ecoboost. When looking for my car I was only able to test drive a 125bhp Focus, does anyone have any experience of the 140? Also what type of spare tyre does the car come with as I am looking to get a boot liner for the car and there are different ones dependent upon the spare tyre size, i.e. whether its full size of a space saver? Thank you in advance. Mark