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  1. Hi All Hoping some of you helpful folk will be able to point me in the right direction. Last week I had some work carried out on my 65 plate Ford Focus Zetec 1.0 EcoBoost. A new Master Cylinder was fitted due to brake/clutch fluid leaking into the drivers footwell, a local independent garage did the work for me for £150 and i haven't noticed any other leaks so far, fingers crossed 🤞 Now, what i have is several problems which all seem to be electrical related but can't be sure and before i take it to my local ford dealer wanted to see if anyone else has had these problems. Hill start Assist is not available - i get the warning flash up on the dash with this message and hill start will not engage, i cannot even select it within the trip computer on the dash. Stop/Start - will not engage - regardless of the car being idle or any other driving condition it has not engaged since i got the car back. Traction Control - the light on the cluster is lit with with the squiggly line underneath the car, i have tried to enable it through the trip computer but i cannot even select it and it is unticked. Power steering - when starting the car up, the steering wheel is very very heavy, to the point i cannot turn the wheel, after 10 seconds or so the steering wheel goes back to being smooth. Fuel economy?? - i'm not sure whether this is actually a problem but the car seems to be using more petrol than before, im not sure whether this is because of the stop/start not working or whether i'm just looking into it too much. So far that's it! Hopefully!! If any of you have heard of this or know what the fault may be would love to hear back. A couple people i have spoken to said they think it is all electrical related and i'm hoping its something simple but don't want to take it to ford dealer to land a huge bill!. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply Very loud squeal so will give the garage a call and take the car in to them so they can have a look. Cheers
  3. Hi there I have just had new brake pads fitted to my 65 plate Ford Focus Zetec after it was identified from its MOT. The brakes have squealed since they were fitted but when looking at the pads they do not sit flush to the disc. I have also noticed a considerable difference in the braking of the car. Is this normal or do I need to go back to the garage that fitted them? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi All Just picked up my Ford Focus 2015 Zetec. Looking to install Sat Nav on Sync, its the touchscreen version and can see the North East South West in top right hand box. Would someone be able to PM me some instructions as to how to go about this, have a rough idea from reading this thread but if someone could put it into an easy to follow format that would be great! Thanks in advance folks :) Winchester
  5. Thanks for all your replies Stats quoted by Riverside would be an increase to 149-156PS 155-170lb ft torque. I just dont want to destroy the gear box etc with the re map. The car wont be pushed to limits, but would be nice to have a little bit more power for overtaking etc. Alot of people saying they wouldn't re map and alot saying they have had no issues arghhhhhhhhh! After looking i think i will definitely do the tints, wheels and then look at Zetec S kit and Re map. Winchester
  6. Thanks iantt Will have a look at some 17's with dimensions above, cheers :)
  7. Thanks for the replies! Think ill go for a set of 17's as i've read about ride quality with the 18's and will probably be cheaper and easier to sort. Read earlier about someone getting the skirts from Fords directly already sprayed in Frozen white (same as my car) for £165 ish so will look at that. Thinking the honeycomb grille in black might look nice on the white car with dark alloys but trying to find image of an already done one. The chrome grill is nice so if it needs to stay its not a massive issue, would like the rear bumper changing though to the Zetec S style. Had a little look at them Stodgey online, theres a company (Riverside Racing-Liverpool) close to me that does racing mods, they do the REVO TECHNIK which the above quote and increase was for, full dyno on completion to show increase in PS which they quoted increase to 149-156PS. Fortunately im 33 Alex so insurance wont be a problem. Also just film tints i was looking at to keep overall cost down but read that some can look terrible if not done properly or with incorrect/cheap film. Thanks again guys
  8. Hi All New to the forum, hello to everyone! I am picking up my White Ford Focus 2015 MK3 Zetec 100PS 999CC on Wednesday. I am looking at doing some upgrades, please see below: 1)Looking at getting Zetec S bodykit - is there anywhere that i can get these all together to save getting parts from all over the show? Seems to be quite a varied range in prices. 2)New upgraded alloys, looking at the black Ford spoke alloys to contrast the white paintwork of car. I believe the stock are 16's, if they were upgraded in size to 17's/18's would there be any issues with rubbing etc. 3)ReMap, i've had a quote from racing company close to me in Liverpool for £299 which would increase PS from 100 to 149-156 PS. Does this seem like a good deal and would it be worthwhile with a 5 speed gearbox as opposed to the 6 speed in a 125PS model? 4)Privacy glass, what price would be reasonable for this as i am getting varied prices from companies. 5) Suggestions - is there anything else that can be done to the car which i have missed that would enhance it........i was looking at headlights as i believe the Zetec model doesnt come with the LED running lights but i may be mistaken? Any help would be most appreciated. Apologies for the questions, this will be the first car i have done any changes to, i have previously owned a Ford Fiesta 2006 1.6 Auto which was run into the ground with 120k on clock. Thanks in advance guys and girls