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  1. Some people would say it will ruin what the ST is but I don't think it would. I think an ST that looks the same as a normal one but is electric would be pretty interesting as the acceleration of an car like the Tesla is apparently amazing. What do others think?
  2. One Touch Windows

    So I did a quick search and can't find anything conclusive, so my driver's side window has one touch as apparently most if not all do (MK7 by the way) but I'm wondering if it's possible to install maybe a module or new switch to make it happen on the passengers side?
  3. I posted before about my stereo display being slightly faulty so I am probably gonna replace it. The model number of the current one I have is 8A6T-18B955-BH, I am just wondering if this would be interchangeable with a 8A6T-18B955-BL as they look visually exactly the same. Also as far as I am aware this would just be a straight swap nothing else needs doing, is this right?
  4. Intermittent Display

    Hmm ok, I might look into it but it's weird because it's intermittent and only happens once every couple of weeks, might just leave it tbh.
  5. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    I can vouch for the X-tremeVisions too, they look great, I posted some pictures here.
  6. Intermittent Display

    Im wondering if anyone else has had this issue, basically my stereo display will intermittently fade in and out, I know it's not broken because you can see if fading in and out sometimes and if you look from below you can see the display. Here is a picture: Here is a picture from below: It'll normally happen every couple of weeks and only last for a day, I'm not too worried, just wondering if anyone else has had the issue.
  7. So your car would be a MK6 then, if so im not sure it would fit as it's probably different.
  8. Removing Black Box telematics

    Hey don't tell me what I already know, it scares me
  9. Removing Black Box telematics

    I can understand wanting to remove it and they have all the right to (it's basically a GPS tracker, I wouldn't want it on my car unless I had to) but It depends whether the insurance company wants it back, they'd have to find out.
  10. Removing Black Box telematics

    I've seen them connected straight to the battery before.
  11. Im interested to see what you guys do when you park.
  12. I have thought about upgrading my fogs but then I think how ive never actually had to use them.
  13. Fiesta mobile phone data

    I wouldn't have thought it would be able to override it, if you're on android you can see what apps are using your data though. Also I would recommend you to get on Giffgaff if you can, I pay £20 for 9GB of data then after the 9GB, you still get data its just slower between 08:00 - 00:00, so kinda unlimited. Its also not a contract you can cancel anytime with no charges, Maybe check it out.
  14. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    I feel this picture shows how much whiter the X-tremeVisions are than my original bulbs. And this photo shows the light output a bit.