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  1. Focus MK3 OEM Parking Sensor

    If you have the module already. Plug it in. Then an when I got the loom And sensors I plugged it in on the floor activated them. And once confirmed it worked. Then I took the bumper off and drilled. If if your taking the bumper off. You may as well check the leak issue out. Search for the focus mk3 boot leak on here. Simple fix. But means your only taking bumper off once.
  2. Automatic door locking

    Thanks Phil I did see auto locking but couldn’t see anything what I was after. So thought I’d check. Might do actually if if it unlocks with a door opening.
  3. Automatic door locking

    Hi. Is there an option to have the rear doors lock once you’ve set off and open again once you’ve stopped? And is the speed this kicks in changeable thanks
  4. Sync display issue

    Hi pal been out with the laptop checked I had the none touch mfd 5 option on under the nav settings. And it is so not sure what else it could be. Next issue I’ve notice and I’m not sure how I’m doing it. Can’t Pm you with pictures so have to do it here. When I checked settingsis focccus I hit write. Then noticed my cluster display changed to the darker colour one. Do you know what I’ve done?
  5. Sync display issue

    It used to, but doesn’t now. JW cleared that up
  6. Sync display issue

    Thanks JW i think it is. Everything works perfect apart from that. Also a shame the speed limit of the road doesn’t display on the cluster display.
  7. Sync display issue

    Hello people. Hope we all had a good Christmas. Couple of of questions for you fine folk. after upgrading the display to sat nav display I have an annoying problem, when I turn the car on the display shows blank station name I’ll switch stations and it now shows up. Any ideas ? Also so with the cold weather I’ve notice on the larger cluster screen display the frost light only stays orange and doesn’t change to red? Is that correct on the larger displays Thanks people.
  8. Aftermarket radio head unita

    I thought about getting one of these but was put off with the thought of a crap screen
  9. Ford focus sony 9 speaker sound system

    I’m not even sure you need a sub. Are you driving around the hud, chicken winging it with rap blasting? ive the Sony 9 speaker set up and plenty of base
  10. satellite navigation any good?

    I’ve just retrofitted the Sony nav system in my titanium for £200 all in. That includes the latest tom Tom map SD card of eBay for £31. Tried it out before. Quite good and is up to date. It showed all traffic issues and I like the fact it gives you the directions in front of you on the cluster of you have the larger screen. So if you find all the other spec you want but without nav. It’s an easy fix for a few hundred more.
  11. Electric polisher/buffer

    This had excellent reviews so giving that a go. And the £700 looks a price worth paying. Check the guys work out on Facebook. Cumbria auto detailing.
  12. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    I could be wrong but sure them gromets just go to underneath the car. Try sealing them with silicone then see if it still leaks. Regarding the vent vent issue this thread is about. Is it a good idea to leave the gromets out. What’s the purpose of them.
  13. Speedo keeps dropping to 0

    You tried the test menu and done the gauge check?
  14. Electric polisher/buffer

    Thanks phil will have a look. Think I’ll just take it to a pro. If I can part with the 700 notes
  15. Electric polisher/buffer

    Right You knowledgable lot looking at getting an electric polisher/buffer but heard you need to be careful. Anyone any tips ? Don’t want to damage the old girl. Just want it looking like it’s only 4yr old not 40. I’ve got a few light scratches and my fair share of swirls. Bloke on Facebook - Cumbria auto detailing does an amazing job but was around the £700 mark to have my car looking like it’s just rolled off the production line just ordered some t-cut back to black polish and was looking at getting a machine. Or even the drill attachment thanks people