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  1. Check your connections in the HVAC if that’s what you’ve used
  2. No mate they are just the standard ones that seem to fit. My original ford ones should arrive Monday. So will try them. Didn’t have time to swap the wife gave me a telling off again. But wasn’t any noise coming from it like the others so makes me think I’ve a lose connection As drivers side was fine. Just hope it’s not in the ***** engine bay plug. But happy the complete retro fit has worked out so far.
  3. @Phil21185 managed to finish connecting up and tested. Works fine apart from passenger side SAPA sensor. Will have to double check my connections another time. But was happy it all worked. Pushing the auto park button displayed looking for a space. And park pilot showed sensors working in the right place but not the left one. No error just not responding. Upon removing that sensor then throws an error and disables the system so it knows there is one there.
  4. What’s going to happen if an official ford update comes out. Will this not work after doing this update.
  5. Got the wiring in place. Was just connecting both ends of the loom but was freezing and rapidly losing light. what a nightmare the engine harness plug was. Took me ages to get the pins back in and working. the wife came out and gave me the ultimatum. hope I can finish it off tomorrow ready for the sensors arriving.
  6. Fitted the c12 outgoing side this morning. Just waiting on some free time to add my next loom to the engine and crimp on. Hopefully have all the wiring in today and test the sensor loom and sensors. My 2 outer sensors are not arriving till Monday so maybe next weekend I’ll have time to remove the bumper and drill it. My dremmel arrived today so going to try using that. For the rear I used a 22mm hole saw but can’t find it. And they fitted perfect
  7. So to clarify this is a none official update. That gives the Russians access to your cars location and microphone. Or is that just me being paranoid haha
  8. Not yet mate no. I made the loom to the engine bay last night. Might have a look at fitting it later today. And testing. Before I pull the bumper off and drill.
  9. Regarding not having the front sensors and park assist on mine. But Luke has. so your all up and running now ? Good stuff. Let me know if it parks it’s self haha
  10. Interesting that without the abs sensors things seem ok. what was the constant beep issue then, just a configuration issue ? Luke’s data solve this ? Can’t understand why mine hasn’t changed with his data. Ha
  11. Good idea. Although I used Luke’s data and left it at that and my APIM has been fine. Working how it should. And obviously I’ve only got the rear at the moment. What you’ve said about architecture is related to sync 3 not recognising a mk3 module as default. So need to change the architecture to a mk3 set up and this enabled my park pilot display afterwards. Prior to that I didn’t have any visual on the camera just the sound.
  12. Maybe like the camera delay, stay on till you reach 5mph. yes they give of a noise when working. You using forscan or focccuss to make the changes ?
  13. All have you tried just activating the front only and not SAPA maybe be able to rule a fault on them 2 out if still doing it. Or maybe with not having the ABS sensors ?
  14. I was initially thinking duff sensor. But with you saying it’s a constant tone. I did think maybe crossed wire or lose connection. in one of them files I sent you. It has the testing procedure try have a look and see what it says for constant tone