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  1. Yes it’s on the right if right hand drive. And if it’s there then yes plug and play then activate.
  2. You will need to do more than just change the mirrors for ones with Blis indicator. if like the mk3/3.5 the rear sensors have the cam network cable in the loom and a separate supply for the power hanging with the plug for the sensor loom. You’d also need the blis modules and brackets. Not cheap over £400 each from ford and rare to find on eBay for a mk3/3.5 so in short you’d need 2 blis modules and brackets. A new parking sensor loom with blis and 2 wing mirrors with blis indication on then activate.
  3. Yea I only had 2. But went on to fit the front. All explained in this thread
  4. Yea can’t find a clear answer so haven’t bothered
  5. @Tjeerd thanks. I’m guessing it doesn’t have sync judging by etis. I can’t get my hands on it yet till this lockdown is over. It’s my mothers car she sent me this
  6. I’m looking at the same. So you found the connectors for the Bluetooth module ?
  7. Hi mate thanks I’ll take a look after all this lockdown when I can get my hands on it. im no stranger to tinkering. First fitted the Sony nav to my focus, then sync 2 then 3. Rear cam, rear sensors. Powerfold mirrors, full automated park assist 😂. Currently sourcing the parts for lane keep to add. anyways. Do you have any workshop manuals or wiring diagrams. These are pinned over on the Focus forum but can’t find any for the fiesta. im guessing plugs won’t be in place for the sync module etc. I’d fit her an android unit if it’s going to be easier. She was wanting
  8. Try focuscity that’s where I’ve got mine from when retro fitted park assist. don’t use cheap eBay ones. I had nothing but trouble until I switched to genuine ford ones
  9. Hi guys. I’m more active in the focus section on my own car. However the mother has just got a 2009 fiesta. anyone got the workshop manual and wiring diagrams. Want to see if I can retro fit her the Sony dab nav unit. thanks
  10. I’ll attempt but this forscan says no update ?
  11. @Col66 did you get sorted. I’ve finally managed to fix my fault. did you replace with ford sensors or aftermarket ones ?
  12. What bolts are you referring to. There is only a couple small screws that hold it in. It’s mainly clipped in
  13. I’ve got pictures of the IVSU version mate. Just don’t want to flash something not compatible
  14. Any idea on what I should download
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