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  1. You not check if you have the wiring in place for ford ones ?
  2. I have. But doesn’t display. I had to change the PDC Architecture when I first upgraded from sync 1 for it to display. I’ll play around again when I’ve got time. out of interest I backed up my APIM data before doing the update. Is it not possible to just write the data to the APIM after the upgrade?
  3. Thanks. Finished off the initial install this morning with maps and voice. Everything works perfect so far. Changed the APIM hex data to display radio logos and they appeared and stayed so don’t think I need to update firmware. Only thing I’ve noticed is I no longer have the parking sensors display on screen. thanks for the guide and files. Was easy to use and understand
  4. I know the IPC displays this with traffic sign recognition. But is there a way to display it using just the GPS info?
  5. also to update to the latest build do you just go to the archive and download 5U5T-14G381-DJ – 408Mb Sync3 v3.4.19274 02.10.2019 and create my own install file?
  6. Free download and buy a modified elm cable and it will tell you everything the car has turned on. And you can change things yourself. or look on etis and see what the car was built with that will tell you what it has and hasn’t
  7. @MrRedman what’s focccus ? It’s PC software to interact with the car
  8. Not sure what the issue is. Mines worked fine apart from once and the Battery tester solved that. Works 99% of the time regardless of AC being on
  9. I’m gonna say no. As mentioned possibly adaptive cruise. What does FoCCCus show ?
  10. Done the initial update. Disappointed to not be able to switch through the preset banks without swiping the screen. The sync in my work van can do this though steering wheel. @Tezza the files you’ve named to update firmware of the APIM are these types of files specific to certain models or will I be good to use those. ?
  11. Thanks @alexp999 thought that was the case. What about voice commands ?
  12. Right I’m going for it this weekend 😂 currently on 3.0 just to clarify. The lowest I can go back to is 3.3 ? Why not 3.0 @Fma965 any input? I’ve downloaded your files from your site another thing does sync voice work on 3.4 the one in my new van won’t work without a phone connected and then it’s only Siri find it odd.
  13. Yes I can. You need a tool to do it. I had to buy it as I accidentally put 310,000 miles on mine instead of 31,000 haha
  14. Yea all info you need is here. You can’t just plug modules in and expect the car to use them. You need to use focccus software and tell the car they are there. Soon as you’ve done that your rear parking sensors will work.
  15. You have activated the rear sensors in FoCCCus haven’t you ? also did you get the correct module ?
  16. Right just to clear things up I’ve followed the guide. And got my files ready. I’m on the latest build of 3.0 once I reformat I can never go back to 3.0 is that because it’s formatted differently? i only want to skip through all presets is this possible on 3.3 can anyone confirm as I’d just update to 3.3 if that’s the case
  17. To be honest it’s the pre sets that annoy me. I have to click the next bank of presets instead of just flicking through them all. And the sync 3 in my new van can do that. Although that doesn’t have a version number oddly
  18. I’m sure others have updated it to 3.3 not seen anything about unofficial. Will have to look into any and see if any issues.
  19. I’m on build 3.0 18025 Any vin number I use that shows an update is only ever this build. How can I get 3.3. want to go to 3.3 before I decide on the unofficial update. Any idea people ?
  20. Not a massive job at all you’ve just got to be comfortable pulling things apart. a lot of us here have fitted sync 2 and 3 to our cars. A harness adapter off amazon makes the job a lot easier. sync 3 can be expensive but can be had for a good price. But sync 2 comes up cheaper and still a vast improvement.
  21. Can do keys with UCDS I’m sure
  22. Well I’m attempting this. Just ordered the first few parts. It has been done but getting hold of the parts at a good price will be difficult.
  23. Speedo working in a 3 yey or ney?
  24. I agree mate. Brilliant site with a good level of help and guides 2nd to none. Glad you got it all working.
  25. I’ve still got the spare floor harness. Will be going to the skip soon.