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  1. Luke’s said it’s fine above mate. Will do shouldn’t be to hard I hope. Just need to run the cables in. And change the sensors on the rear wheels that’s the last thing I need. Will post on here when and if it works haha
  2. Thanks Phil. Yes I’ve disabled climate repeater, damn thing was doing my head in. On the bright side I’m just waiting on parts arriving and I’m fitting front sensors and auto park feature.
  3. Please do Phil. Mine worked fine then I changed something. I thought it was branded IPC with nav. So changed it back the other night and it’s still giving me the 9999 issue. Let me know how you solved it. Cheers
  4. thats the one mate.
  5. Focus Mk3 is a C1MCA Architecture car- If your Sync 2/3 donor car was a Focus Mk3.5 the Architecture would be set to CGEA 1.3
  6. Phil I never had this issue. Then I chanced my cluster to - branded with nav. Then got the fault. Not managed to change it back yet to deffo rule it was that. But it was fine then wasn’t and that was the last I changed.
  7. Need to change the settings in forscan to the mk3 module from mk3.5 to get park pilot
  8. I’ve gave up trying. I’m still not happy not getting original cam to work but happy I’ve got park pilot back with after market cam
  9. I have found the post I was talking about. For anyone looking to do this. You just need the parts and a bit of wiring to go to the BCM run down the passenger side pillar although another person managed to use their existing windscreen. On the post I’ve found they just replaced with one that had it. Will post part numbers if anyone interested. Unfortunately the only drawings I can find relating to install are in Russian. So if anyone has any diagrams etc relating to the set up can you please post them. Much appreciated. Still not found a part number for the front fog harness with sensors on though for park assist land rear with blis sensors.
  10. Is it not a case of just fitting the rca adapter in the back of the apim like most of us have on mk3 sync 3 ?
  11. Can anyone tell me if they have found the solution to the climate control issue. My dual zone does not work change one side the other changes. Just realised. I’ve played around with the hex values and nothing is fixing it.
  12. If no one has done this I take it’s too much work 😂🤯
  13. Did not know this 😂 wizzard JW
  14. You need to tell the display you have both or you’ll only get 1. Like you are.
  15. Yes you need to run focccus the new nav display looks like it came from a car with only rear. Set it to both and you should be good to go.
  16. Anybody fitted the radar etc i seen a guide by someone once and I can’t find it again. And can anyone clear up the BLiS system is it 4 parking sensors on rear and 2 different extra on the sides. I can’t find any sensors when searching for them relating to blis, going to check my doors for the wiring and I’ve sourced the 2 power fold mirrors with blis and puddle lights. and how many sensors is on the front bumper is it 6 parking sensors only or is there some sort of radar/camera in the bumper also. And as for the radar does anyone have information on the wiring side I have a schematic but it’s not clear. i have a complete floor harness with the wiring for front sensors so looking at stripping the missing cables from mine and running them in my car. Let me know your thoughts
  17. right smart *****. the other connections are exactly that, connections not part of the sync plug you have got from amazon. so since you are being lazy and not going through both threads as mentioned to find the answers, you really shouldnt get lippy with people you tit "'ACM main plug is the larger of two black plugs from the cd player'' ''ÁCM accessory is the smaller one'' there is two wires to move from one to the other as per guide FCDIM is the screen connector in your sync 1 take the two cables from there to the plug that connects your radio buttons AS PER LUKES PDF THAT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR. if you need more help feel free to shout and cry like a little girl
  18. i honestly cant believe that guy, luke and phil have done an amazing job in providing people with the how to. and answered many peoples follow up question even mine when i got in a pickle all the information is on the 2 threads
  19. I believe they are yes just different brackets.
  20. What’s your issue. The pdf is fine to follow. You have the harness adapter so can do a lot of the work on that before touching the car. Just use a pin to remove the pins and place them in the correct spot. Then do the other connections as per the pdf
  21. Guides on here to do both. Providing you have 1 touch open close electric windows I think it’s easy enough. Sync 2 or 3 is massive improvement over 1 well worth it.
  22. Glad you’ve got it sorted. Next up sync 2/3 upgrade ?
  23. I used JW program no problem. Just be careful I converted my miles in KM and added an extra digit ended up with over 300,000 miles on my car haha. Had to track down a machine to change the mileage on all cars.
  24. Ok thanks for that. Not seen anyone mention these issues just people have fitted them to get the digital speedo. Ive gave up on changing bits in my focus now and looking at a discovery sport. The rear cam was the death of me. Couldn’t get it to work.