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  1. Hi I am unable to understand the behavior of my radio. Radio is Ford 6000CD fitted to 2009 Mondeo mk 4 estate. What it does ( All of these should be preceeded by sometimes) Switches off for no reason while driving. (Rarely) switches on while driving Switches off when ignition turned off Does not switch off when ignition turned off Does not display the clock (shows only 3 dashes where clock should be After displaying 3 dashes sometime later, minutes or hours, comes up with clock display, or not. The hand book is no help for all the instructions refer to input using radio buttons and all that happens when this is tried is a cursor which moves around the display and nothing will input any kind of number, adjustment of time is effected using the steering wheel controls and the onboard computer, which incidentally always shows the time as part of its display. Sadly this clock is a bit too small for me to see clearly. While I would be interested in an explanation of this behavior my main concern is how do I force the radio to display the time? Regards phil