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  1. So your wobble is wheels mine is Not Wheels. Any one have ford focus mk2 drive shaft issues?
  2. Yeh thats the first thing I looked at, comfort, standard and sport. Same in all modes. Onto 4th set of drive shafts, OEM this time im told. fingers crossed.
  3. Not to my knowledge had the car for 5 months now. The car is with a specialist now, one has already ruled out the diff! Not sure how you rule this out without taking it apart? Steering rack cause it?
  4. As mentioned in other replies we have elimanated tyres and wheels being the cause of the issue by changing the wheels and tyres round. We have swapped the tyres and wheels from other cars, fitted brand new wheels, tried different tyres the issue stays constant. 60-80 intermittent wobble. Changed: Hubs Drive shafts wheels n tyres x3
  5. Still not fixed! Hubs changed out, including bearings 3rd set drive shafts in and loctight correctly as Ford instructed. Ford specialist said check diff?? Intermittent steering wheel wobble 60-80 fades in and out but not caused by road surface or wheels/tyres. Any thoughts?
  6. So update! Massive improvement first 15 mins on motorway then started to wobble intermittently again, even through road surface changes the wobble stays consistent then disapears for a while then comes back for 3 mins then dissapears! The mechanic changed the left wheel hub including bearings obviously, im wondering if the right is shot also? what the fuuuk is goin on here?
  7. If the lefts bad does that mean the right can be and as tom said how does this happen?
  8. iantt Thanks for your input, I did tell the mechanic on your recco to check but..... I havent driven it yet tho!!! (theatrical suspense music) wobble wobble hahaha lets hope not!!
  9. Mechanic has called me and said its fixed, left wheel hub assembly was the issue he said! I havent driven it yet so hopefully its all good. Cudos to the man who called it!!
  10. With hub runout you would feel it under braking more than just motorway cruiding at 60-70mph
  11. How do you go about checking hub assembly? And is that likely to cause a wobble in the steering
  12. I have bought brand new wheels and tyres and had them balanced by a few v good machines. Definitly not the wheels Well there is a chance the new wheels are buckled, highly doubt it
  13. Shiit no way, thanks for the reply ronnie. Cant believe it, I presume you would have to keep replacing parts one after the other until the problem goes. Somebody mentioned hub assembly, would that not make sense to you? what are legs? Im not sure what the dealer I bought it off is going to do now, if he cant find the issue does he refund me? its been 4 months since i bought it
  14. yeh its not really worked out like that for me VW then Honda then Mini then ford. In terms of driveability the mini was incredible, my ford focus now is amazing just lacking power but stability around corners is incredible. The garage still have the car, no word as of yet! Been doing alot of research and looks like you just have to go through the entire fron end drivetrain and suspension. suspension mounts steering rack end links, bushes wheel bearing hub assembly bent wheel nut track rods tie rod ends Fingers crossed i get a call today, good thing this is under warranty.
  15. so...mechanic drove it after fitting now 2nd set of drive shafts just to make sure that wasnt the issue, now going to check mounts just hope it gets sorted