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  1. Thanks for you advise peter, have it booked into a different garage next week. Will quote some of this info....
  2. So was leaving my work car park recently and evenings are getting a little colder. Turned on the car and was in a queue when I felt the car shuddering a little when in idle. I was leaving car in next day for a winter health check with my Ford dealer and mentioned this. To my complete shock I have been told I have 3 out of 4 fuel injectors defective, and they recommend I change them asap. The cost is massive £155+VAT and labour each in fact should do all 4 I was told. Does this sound correct? Very sudden with not many symptoms, and am wondering if they are just trying it on!!! Advise would be appreciated. I would have thought with such a large cost issue there would have been error codes, more symptoms etc.....