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  1. Car Conundrums!

  2. mr

    I'm no expert m8, but found these corresponding images online, might help?
  3. Anyone point me in the direction of branded ST mats? I've had a google around and it they don't appear to be generally available, tho I'm maybe just no use with google or eBay right enuf. Considered buying embroidered patches and stitching them on or even grill badges stuck on somehow, anyone done anything like this. cheers for any info👍
  4. First ever Fiesta

    Smart wee car m8, happy motoring...are you aware somebody's used a sharpie on your number plate tho? 😉
  5. Flexible pricing

    Ridiculous...it should be the other way round...£500 cheaper to lure you in..your right about the airlines tho, repeated checks on certain flight times put the price up cos they think there's demand.
  6. Word Game

    End game 😎
  7. Things I Don't Like

    My wife tooting the horn outside our house so I will go out and reverse her car into a gap the space shuttle could land on......people who deliberately park there motor over the white line taking up 2 spaces for their 'precious' 😂 In fact wen u get to my age pretty much everything annoys u 😤
  8. Hi All just wondering if there's any info out there on the reverse cams that pop up in the rear view mirror? my daughter had a fiesta with this and I always thought it was pretty neat, would this be a Ford add on or are they freely available/easy to fit or worth the trouble? any advice welcome 👍 Cheers
  9. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    I've got a new rac cam there I haven't used yet, no idea if any good but if this ones fried at least I've got another to fry 😂
  10. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    Champion m8, thanks a lot, I take it hard wiring that in is just the same as the piggy back fuse I've got then plug cam into female end? cheers for your help btw, appreciated👍
  11. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    Ah!! Just like the cig socket but hidden under at fuse box?
  12. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    So..should I be taking the cig charger end to pieces to dig summit out and re align into piggy back system?
  13. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    Yip I did just snip the end off bud.....
  14. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    Got a couple of piggy back fuses off eBay, crimped up the wires , found a good earth on chassis, stuck it in fuse 86 a think, it was a 10amp, put a 5amp in piggy n fired it up...