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  1. FORD Focus overheating

    INope, left the heaters on full tom yeah was sat for a hour kept the coolant topped up to max but strangely the coolant was still they’re when I go back? i’ll have to get someone to come and fetch it been talking to a ‘Ford specialistand they have offered to pick it up and look at it looks like my only option as going in to taking stuff off is beyond me
  2. FORD Focus overheating

    Update: Iv sat with the car for a hour while I let it do it’s thing heaters on, fans open, temp gauge half way and the bubbles looked like they had stopped, coolent at max took it for a drive up the road 2 minutes and it’s overheated... fans going mental currently roadside waiting for it to cool down looked under bonnet and coolent has stayed the same place it was when I left now I’m just completely clueless
  3. FORD Focus overheating

    There’s bubbles coming from that hose?
  4. FORD Focus overheating

    I’m trying to bleed it now, the gauge is halfway, fans on full whack took it for a drive before hand to warm it up, coolant seems to be coming back in the header it’s filling right up is that right? Cheers
  5. FORD Focus overheating

    Thanks for that i’ll Give it a try and give you a update? Although I’m not sure how to flush coolant do I need to drain it out somehow? Yes the car was done at a popular garage in our area never had a bad word said!
  6. FORD Focus overheating

    Iv been told to remove the temp sensor but i want to sort it ideally! it’s full to the brim tom, how would get rid of the air in it?
  7. FORD Focus overheating

    The fan only comes on when the temp is in the red, I have no idea About the fan I just know about it when it comes on because it’s very loud and it stays on for 5/10 minute after I turn the car off! When I got my water pump changed they changed the thermostat with another one and it was the same problem so they just put mine back on so he said it couldn’t be that. thanks
  8. FORD Focus overheating

    hi everyone, I'm new here and don't know alot about cars. in may i brought a focus mk2 1.8 tdci its on 120k thought i had a bargain until the journey home. Came across it on ebay, spoke through message and was stupid enough not to go through eBay and pay cash on collection so no chance of getting any money back obviously. took it for a spin and everything seemed fine gone through all gears gave it a bit of a thrash, looked under bonett and from what I had been told to look out for everything seemed ok. Upon the journey home I'd got not even half hour back and red light popped up on the dash and temperature was in the red section so pulled over rang the bloke he said give me five let me ring my machanic, five minutes later I rang again and... Blocked my number. Basically the engine gets really hot very fast, coolent seems to vanish but when I take the cap off it comes flooding back into the header tank. As I speed up the temp gauge goes down as I come to a stop in traffic or slow down it shoots back up and the light comes on. Iv squeezed a few of the pipes to and from the header tank everything seems to be flowing ok, everything is tight on so I assume there's no leaks as I can't see anything underneath when left stood so now I'm stuck. Can't go anywhere in the car apart from 5 minutes up the rosd. Iv had it looked at by 4 different garages and no body can get to the bottom of it? so far had a new pipe fitted because it's was loose and a new water pump and one said it was the dreaded head gasket the other 3 say no it isn't the head gasket, the garage that did my water pump eliminated her cooler by blanking it, no white stuff under cap that seems to be ok so Now I just don't know what to do and this forum seems to be pretty helpful so anyone who can shed some light on it that would be great! Thanks