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  1. Battery voltage

    With over 25 years in the electronics service this has me stumped..have removed it from the car and sent it back.Thanks
  2. Battery voltage

    Cig socket -> Camera Cig socket -> Monitor
  3. Battery voltage

    Yes both separate and not connected to the head unit.Have also tried each with regulated power supply in the house.Cant figure this out.
  4. Battery voltage

    Each works on its own?..and voltage is about 12 volts..when both connected I get about 6 volts..weird..can’t find any shorts as I have metered each to ground with no problems.
  5. Battery voltage

    Power runs from the 12 volt socket and measured there.Thanks
  6. Battery voltage drops off when both monitor and rear camera plugged in..ok when one of them is connected.Any help please..Thanks
  7. When rear camera is connected to monitor the battery voltage drops and cuts off the monitor..any ideas?Thanks
  8. If anyone interested....Have successfully installed EBay reverse camera kit above numberplate without any holes drilled in the body and no wires seen.More info if required.
  9. mods to the mondeo

    Thanks for that.
  10. Code 17B27

    Thanks for that .
  11. Code 17B27

    Please can you explain as I don't understand your answer or what it means.Thanks
  12. Code 17B27

    Have got the above code show up when I used Ford Pass app.(MONDEO ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE CONFIGURATION DATA) 17B27.Does any member know what this means. Thanks.
  13. mods to the mondeo

    Could you tell me where you got the Titanium badge as mine did not come with one ..thanks.
  14. 2017

    Hello everyone,got a new Titanium with xpack.Anybody got any niggles with it yet?
  15. Strange that this has never done this before but that sounds like the right answer to this.Thanks for that.