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  1. Hi All I'm looking for some guidance/advice, I own a 2012 S MAX 2.2 TDCI Titanium X which has started encountering starting issues when the engine is hot. From cold the engine starts fine, but after the first start or after the car has been driven for a period of time, it won't start unless it has been stood for a period of time (normally a few hours). It has been checked over by a dealer who said the battery was at fault, the new battery hasn't cured the fault......... An independent specialist has checked the injectors and suspects them to be partially blocked and leaking back excessively, they advised there is a known fault on the fuel pump, whereby the internals are breaking down, pushing swarf around the fuel system. But why does the car start okay from cold? Surely the issue would be present all of the time? Now another garage have suggested the 'anti shudder valve', having read up on this it could cause starting issues, but again this should also be present from cold. If anyone has advise or has experienced the same issue, any help would be appreciated. We love the car, but right now all we want to do is trade it in and move away from the Ford brand. Thanks