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  1. Ryoka

    Rattle on bumps

    Hello! Im currently in a 2ltr Ford Focus Titanium diesel (58 plate). As of recently, when going over minor bumps, there seems to be odd rattle, more so when the near side takes the brunt, around the clutch area (from what my hearing zones in on anyway) Today I had to veer to the hard shoulder to allow an Ambulance pass on a slip road and the rattle when crossing the white line was a lot more louder than usual with a slight squeal. On it’s last MOT springs were mentioned, however with it appearing from the region of where the clutch is, what are the chances of it simply being spring? I’ve has clutches go in the past and I can safely say the focus isn’t showing the signs previous cars did 😬 Thanks
  2. Ryoka

    Ford Focus 2008 Lights

    Hi Apologies if posted in wrong section? Just seeking advice on headlights/sidelight bulbs for a 58 Focus? I’ve had the cree in the past on a 61 plate Astra, however unsure on whether these would fit on the car I now have! many thanks
  3. Ryoka

    2006 Focus - worth fixing?

    Thanks guys.. I’m gutted, even though I drove it for a short time, I really liked the practicality of it! Plus my insurance dropped haha. The mechanic advised me, as did the AA, that chances are it’s in need of a new engine also. I’m not mechanically minded so I can only presume the damage is bad. I just need to get my £40 Diesel out of it before scrap!! Back to my 2ltr Titanium (and insurance bump!)
  4. Hi all, I purchased a 2006 Ford Focus Estate 1.6 Diesel, 150k on the clock in 2017. Within two months it ended up coming off the road with turbo failure and also, from a mechanics investigation, lack of servicing caused the pipes (don’t know which one) to seize as the oil was described to be tar like. The car inturn packed up and has since been asleep on my drive! After almost 5 months, I’ve just managed to get a £400 payout from the dealership which is classed as some form of contribution. I am just wondering if it is worth putting the money back in to the car, or just scrap it (been quoted £160 scrap) and cut my loss? Baring in mind the engine appears to have suffered. Thanks guys
  5. Ryoka

    Fuel Gauge

    Hi all, ive got a Ford Focus LX 2006 (56) Estate Diesel, 1.6. I purchased the vehicle September, put £40 in the tank and apparently completed 400miles(ish). Since then, I’ve been putting diesel in the car (£40-£50) and the gauge, once I’ve done around 200 miles, goes immediately to empty and the warning light pops on. After a few days, it goes up, but states I need to refill in 80 miles. I’ve also found when sat idle with the engine running, both temperature and fuel gauge will drop to nothing and take a while to kick in again when moving. Just wondering if this is a sensor issue or something more concerning? I’ve also had similar issues with the oil warning light! Many thanks
  6. Ryoka

    Swapping Seats

    Thanks for the reply, and excuse my ignorance! What are the electrical connectors for as my seats are manual? Thanks
  7. Ryoka

    Swapping Seats

    Hi all, I am hoping someone can help me with this one! I have a Ford Focus LX 2006 Estate and a Ford Focus 2008 (58) Titanium. The 58 plate I am selling on (not yet listed) as I needed an estate. However, the seats in the estate are somewhat uncomfortable in comparison to the Titanium. Has anyone had experience in swapping the seats over? Is it doable? thanks!