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  1. White 17'' Zetec S Alloys

    What about the Black one's? :)
  2. White 17'' Zetec S Alloys

    I have just got some white 17's from eBay. Just interested to know what Fiesta them come off? Is there a limited edition version?
  3. I'v put a crack into the front part of the kit that on the front bumper. She took it down for its first service and they took a look at it at the same time. they'v writen today.. close on 1200 quid to repair! There a few other plastic bits that are broken and they want to replace they reckon! This is Ford! I have a friend who does bodywork and plastic welding, so I need to try and source these parts that I need and wondered if anyone knew where I could get them apart from Ford Parts.
  4. Bit Of Damage Needs Repairing

    I thought it may be abit costly. Think they could do in a single day?
  5. Hi. <_< Had abit of an incident involving a tractor.. Took a week break up in Staffordshire driving around those lanes made only for one; tractor comes the other way on a blind bend. Do I go under the tractor or up the bank, I went for the latar as i thought it sounded abit cheaper. Now i have some damage to the dresskit on the front bumper and need it needs repaired. How much does that part cost and is it glued on? There is a panel that runs across the whole underside of the engine bay, thats cracked abit at the front where it clips to the front bumper. How much would that part cost?
  6. Go Kart Grand Prix Tomorrow 10am Breantwood Karting Track

  7. Fiesta Wheel Jack

    I split a tyre in Roydon a few months back and went to halfords for a jack, they do a lightweight 2T trolleyjack that is perfect and goes in the boot without hoggin too much space. Think i only paid about £30 for it. Trolleyjacks are easier than winding as you only need to pump it, and it makes taking off your alloys to clean them half the job! :D
  8. Washer Jets Squirt On My Bonnet!

    No sorry pal, maybe talk to your local service dept about resolving it.. sounds annoying tho Exposed to those tempretures i'm surprised the doors havent fallen off! :D
  9. Upgrading Mk7 Sound Quality

    I have a Vibe Active Sub bought from halfords about 2 years ago, 1200watts which i think for the same sort of spec you'l look to pay around 260 for one. and 20 for a Vibe amp wiring kit. It was easy to do but still having small problems with interferance at low volume and it's in at ford tuesday morning for what i believe to be an electrical fault which could of been due to disconnecting the battery. the cars been acting weird since the weekend when i installed it. Those 17's are loud, which is why i've stuck with the 16's.. gotta watch those potholes with low profiles tho!
  10. Daytime Running Lights

    There you go Adam! :D DRL installation Guide
  11. Upgrading Mk7 Sound Quality

    I'l definatly be looking into this dynomat then. I do the fibre optic infrastucture at the ford site in Dagenham and talk to the guys there alot, they seem to know alot about new stuff being released, i'm surprised they have only just starting putting front sensors on the cars as the guys knew about that for months. I'l have to ask about the sony headunit, i'v seen pictures and it looks great. sorry we seem to be drifting from the subject
  12. Daytime Running Lights

    There is a guy somewhere on here thats done it and also included a helpfull guide, he also made a link for the lights he used. search the forum from the bottom search bar. I forget who it was sorry.
  13. The Small Things That Make You Smile!

    I'm always on the the prowl for ZS's I drove home from scotland once, with a silver zetec s over taking aech other for 200 miles.. it didn't get boring!
  14. Upgrading Mk7 Sound Quality

    When is that being released?
  15. Upgrading Mk7 Sound Quality

    I was quite interested reading about you wanting to do some deadening within the doors as i'm finding some vibration from the doors within the car also. From outside the car the only vibration i can hear is something from the rear, under the rear difuser. I haven't yet had time to investigate but it could be something to do with the poor excuse for a spare wheel. I'l need to take out the poly tray for the sealent and see if that cures it, otherwise it could be the heat plate for the exhalst. I have an active sub installed and sounds pretty good, i find with the audio setting on the headunit, bass set at par, treble at +1 and mid at +2 the factory speakers arent that bad! I wouldn't move away from the 40 profile tyres as they look so much nicer. Oh and welcome to FOC too! :D