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  1. Just wondering if anybody on here has had the Revo Stage 1 map on the 140ps ecoboost? Considering booking mine in for the map, it’s had great reviews and Revo claim it’s possible to get the car to around 168 bhp with standard parts. I have an r-sport filter with mtc induction pipes and a milltek catback exhaust installed so hopefully that will help the car breath. However I’ve seen people say it puts a lot of stress on the stock gear box with the increased torque and was wondering if anyone has had this map and can give any advice on it?
  2. Fiesta 140ps Bluefin Chip

    Yes your advice was helpful, I have already told my insurer about the induction kit and exhaust and they insured me fine, I don’t plan on taking the risk of mapping, not telling my insurer and hoping they don’t find out, I’d rather not have it mapped than take that risk
  3. Fiesta 140ps Bluefin Chip

    I don’t think I know better that’s why I’m asking for advice here... the modifications that I’ve done have all been declared to the insurer and I plan on doing the same with the remap if I get it.
  4. Fiesta 140ps Bluefin Chip

    Evening all, Ill get straight to the point, back in September I picked up a 140ps red edition fiesta and it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, quick, smooth ride, great looking car and very economical! Anyway since then I’ve done a few mods most notably I’ve added an r-sport cold air Induction Kit and most recently had a milltek exhaust system installed... Now after reading a few posts on here I’ve seen some outstanding reviews on the bluefin maps but also been made aware of a few warnings aswell such as it causing a lot of stress on such a small engine. After looking at a few other remaps on the likes of pumaspeed and aet motorsport they all also require a new intercooler as well... Now my question is is this totally necessary for having the car mapped? Also would having this map void your warranty in the event of a crash? any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. So I've just recently picked up a 16 plate Zetec S 1.0 ecoboost and I have to say I'm hugely impressed! My dad has the st which I've driven but this in itself is a fantastic car, great smooth ride, quick, economical and an all round great car! My only qualm is how quiet the hiss from the turbo sounds! My question is what's the best modification to increase this sound? I'm not looking for something to necessarily make it louder when accelerating, just something to make that hiss from the turbo louder... My budget is £100-£200 and I'm just looking for some advice, much appreciated!