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  1. Broken Easy-Fuel On Mk7?

    Hello all, I have a mk7 Titanium and I think I may have broken my easy fuel port (port?), I was filling my car from an awkward angle and I heard a distinct click when I was taking the nozzle out. I don't quite remember how it looked before but the silver plate which stops you entering the wrong nozzle into the car is now only covering 80% of the hole, and I can enter my finger and easily push it aside as it its become detached. Should I be able to open the fuel port with my finger with practically no effort? and if the fuel tank requires a perfect seal is it safe to drive? I'm going to take it to my garage asap but I have a very long journey tomorrow and I'd like to check its safe to drive. Cheers, Chris
  2. alarm details

    I also double check every now and then to make sure its locked :) though it impresses my friends when they are stood by the car pulling on the handle and i walk up and the mirrors fold out as the car unlocks etc, sit down, push a button and the car is good to go. well worth the money :) one thing i noticed is the boot opens if the key is inside the car, so anyone could wander up and open your boot while your in a que - is there a way round this?
  3. alarm details

    Hi Peeps, I have a Titanium with keyless entry, i only just realised that pressing the lock-button on the door handle twice in a row enables the alarm. This is my first car and i dont feel like upsetting the neighbours by messing about with the alarm to figure out how it works, does anyone have any details on what triggers the alarm, how long it goes off for (if you dont cancel it yourself) and how you stop it once its going off. cheers, Chris
  4. Loud Tapping Noise

    If is a loud bang/click noise from the centre of the engine when idling (or driving if you have the window down) it might be the aircon, I had the same issue until i turned the aircon off - apparently its normal something to do with a magnetic part of the aircon system. If its a gentle clicking/popping sound at random, I recently had my mk7 checked for this by my garage and they said its just the injectors, after some wearing-in they start to make light popping and clicking sounds when idling.
  5. New car, few probs

    anyone else got any ideas? bluetooth calls and voice-recognition only coming out of rear speakers, but usb/radio music comes from all 6 is this covered under warrenty, could i take it in for them to look at - if so am i looking at much time away from my car? cheers, Chris
  6. voice recognition

    i have a slightly different issue, if i say 'dial name - <name>' it says directory emtpy? but if i take a bluetooth call to my phone it figures out that 07xxxxxxxxxx = name so it clearly knows my phones directory any ideas?
  7. New car, few probs

    Hi Peeps, I just got a Tango red (name doesnt do it justice) Titanium 1.4 and i have a few questions im struggling to find answers to, hope someone here can help. iphone connection to the car seems to fetch the music list etc but i hear no audio - i understand i have to get a special connection for it - anyone know the name or who sells them? and this is the weird one, not sure if this is a problem or just weird design music from radio/usb comes through all speakers, but if i press the voice-command button the 'enter command' voice comes out of the rear leftseat speaker, also if i take a call over bluetooth the person on the other end comes out of that speaker can i choose a speaker or does my car sound broke? surely they didnt design it that way? cheers, Chris
  8. about to buy a fiesta

    who and where are 'we'? :) I'm considering a 09 plate fiesta, but the 2nd hand ones im seeing with <5k miles on are well over 12k for 1.4s, im in the midlands area if anyone has any places i should look for a 09 fiesta thanks for all the great advice
  9. about to buy a fiesta

    Hi peeps, I just got my drivers licence and im itching to get a fiesta, ive got about 12k (max) to spend on one, im overly fussed about the performance id rather it look sexy (which they all seem to) and have some cool gadgets i was looking for some advice really, every-single-person ive spoke to says i shouldnt buy a new car because of the depreciation and a 6k golf would outperform the fiesta etc, but my heart is set on the fieta as im more into gadgets and looks from what ive read i should be looking at a titanium 1.4 or 1.6 diesel, what kind of pricetag am i looking at? with the current climate am i likely to get a good deal? shave a grand off or get some goodies for free? after as much advice as i can get my hands on thanks, Chris