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  1. Identify missing screw

    Stoney, Thanks for the response. Is there any way of seeing what makes up a MAF kit, that you know of? Something like a parts list? Basically, I'm hoping that Ford reuse the same parts (i.e. the screws here) for efficiency purposes; if I can get a technical designation or description for it, I can search around.
  2. Identify missing screw

    In the process of cleaning the MAF sensor in my 63-plate Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi (115), I dropped one of the mounting screws into the engine bay. Does the screw have a specific technical designation that I can use in order to source a replacement? I've attached a photo of where the missing screw should live (highlighted in red); in the photo, I've highlighted in green the twin screw (bolt?).
  3. Automatic Start/start

    Hi Alex, The first time it went into Limp Mode it was a roadside breakdown guy who looked for faults, and the second time it was a garage (not Ford). I have to say that I've got no idea what equipment they were using. Since @iantt's "BMS reset" sequence temporarily resolves the problem, is that where I should focus? Since seeing his post, I've read some stuff online about treating the battery as a "system" in Start/Stop-enabled cars due to the potential for other parts to affect (and even damage) the battery. For instance, I was reading about the RAC patrols carrying around a new Midtronics test device that tells them more than just looking at the battery would (my technical comprehension of the subject fell off quite quickly, I'm afraid). It makes me wonder if I should go back to Ford and request a specific type of test. If that's right, do you know what I'd be asking for?
  4. Automatic Start/start

    Hi Ian, I missed your reply to me - apologies for that. I should have included this up-front: the car's a 2013 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi that has almost 60k miles. I've just done a Google search re: "efb" - are you suggesting that a replacement for the battery that's specific to the "Stop-Start" function of the car then? Would this be something I should expect the Ford garage to have checked/detected? I ask because it's been there at least three times. I've taken the car to a number of garages, and none of them was able to find a problem. Also, since my original post in October, the car has twice gone into Limp Mode when doing about 70mph, again with no codes being reported; turning the engine off and on basically "fixed" it (pulled it out of Limp Mode) both times.
  5. Automatic Start/start

    This is going to be a long one, so here's the summary: 1. Thanks very much, Ian, for taking the time to post this tip - it transformed the way my car drives and got the Stop-Start working again after months 2. Any tips for what to do if the problem comes back after a few days and it starts degrading again? The Back Story: I want to describe this in case anyone else has the same issues I've had (and the same ordeal getting to the bottom of it! ). My car had a subtle hesitation at low-ish revs, usually around 1800. This is essentially constant. It's really noticeable to me, but I have never been able to convince a technician in more than half a dozen visits that there's a problem. In addition, at cruising speed, 70 or so, it sometimes loses power completely for half a second and immediately comes back. This sometimes happens three times in a journey then not for months. The Stop-Start became less frequent over time and hasn't worked once for the last couple of months. The only thing that had any impact was getting the air con recharged at Halfords. Driving away, I knew the problem had gone, but when I went back to the garage, they couldn't say what they had done (and they'd test-driven it and told me they couldn't find the problem beforehand anyway). The upshot is that running Ian's sequence fixed it on the spot. It was like driving a different car. The Stop-Start kicked in after less than a mile at the next traffic lights. However, it started degrading a few days later, and the Stop-Start is getting less reliable already. I've been searching for months for help on this, so I hope this ramble helps someone else who's not mechanically-minded get to the bottom of things. I'd be grateful if someone could tell me what the next step might be.