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  1. stevie123

    Escort Clutch Pedal Problem

    You have to remove the clutch pedal, there is a clip on one end and push the pivot pin out, then change the bushes which are usually colored red, then reassemble. A fiddley job and a bit of a pain to do.
  2. stevie123

    Escort Starting Problem

    Heavy discharge test the battery and check the charge rate, there is a wire that runs across the front panel that comes from the alternator, check all the wires in there as they sometimes break causing the battery not to charge, this is a common problem.
  3. stevie123

    Idle Speed Sticks

    Thats not the idle speed control valve in the picture, its located on the throttle body, remove it and clean, problem probably throttle position sensor tho.
  4. stevie123

    Motor Revs When Applying The Brake Pedal

    It could be a brake servo problem, drawing air when the pedal is pressed.
  5. stevie123

    Ford Escort 1.6Ghia Rev's It Self, Please Help

    Take off the throttle body and clean thoroughly in petrol or thinners, also clean out the idle speed control valve or get a new one. The problem could also be the throttle position sensor which bolts to the side of the throttle valve. Not too sure about the rattle, could it be the clutch, or release bearing rattling in the gearbox, also check gearbox oil level.
  6. stevie123

    Power Steering In An Escort Xr3I :)

    Hi, you will need the rack, pump and all related gear from a later model with power steering fitted. You can possibly pick these up from a scrappy, but a big pain in the bum to do. Keep it a standard if I was you.
  7. stevie123

    Escort Diesel Brakes Servo

    My friend popped round yesterday and we lifted the bonnet on his old escort diesel van. We noticed the brake master cylinder reservoir was almost empty and brake fluid appeared to be dripping from the servo. Has anyone got an idea why this has happened. It has the vac pump bolted to the head and runs of the cam. Would it be the valve in the pipe or the pump itself causing a problem ???? Regards, Steve.
  8. stevie123

    Head Torques

    Has nobody got the answer??? Need these tomorrow!!!
  9. stevie123

    Head Torques

    Hi all. does anyone know the head torques of a 1993 1.8 diesel engine with hexagonal head bolts please, have searched on google to no avail!!!. I am fitting new bolts as they are stretch bolts. Thanks in advance. Steve 123
  10. stevie123

    head torques.

    Hooray, at last ive managed to locate a tool.The ford garage tool was too small even tho its marked as a T80!!!! Suddenly thought of a little workshop which is no more than a shack really.Went in and asked in my limited spanish ,and lo and behold he produced the correct tool from under a shelf in a grease soaked pot.He loaned it to me and didnt want anything for it,tho i shoved five euros in his top pocket with him protesting.The spanish are lovely people. Lifted the head and found traces of water in number three cylinder.Gasket looks a bit black around fire ring in that area.Think good clean up and refitting will hopefully do the trick. Thank you for all your help.Will post how it all goes,when ive got time to do it ,as very busy with work commitments at the mo.
  11. stevie123

    head torques.

    Hi again,can anybody tell me the exact torx bit i need to remove the head.Have measyred across point to point and according to the chart size its a T70.measurment across is approx 15-16mm.Have been to the ford garage here and they have given me one but its marked as T80 and its too small.Does any one know the size please.
  12. stevie123

    head torques.

    Thanks for that.
  13. stevie123

    head torques.

    Yes ,your right there.No its definately a trox bit but does anyone know the size T ..what.Its very difficult trying to explain when i speak very little spanish and vise versa.Satisying when you do get it right tho.Managed to get a set of ball bearings i needed for a bearing in a wheel,how do you say Ball Bearing in spanish,LOL. Will keep trying manana,lol.
  14. stevie123

    head torques.

    Am i right in saying that the tool to remove the head bolts is a M12 Torx bit, as im having hell of a job to find anyone in Spain that sells them.Just to make sure when i finally find one.!!!!!
  15. stevie123

    head torques.

    Hi Stef123 thanks for the head torques.Does anyone know if these heads are prone to cracking ???