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  1. Yeah it’s an odd one. Not sure how this has happened. Just hoping it doesn’t happen again. Oh and the bluefin is back on. I missed it 😄
  2. The garage have called me. It was the starter motor. Apparently it was full of water..? They’re not sure how it happened but as it’s an ecoboost I’ve asked them to check the cooling system etc to avoid a major loss of engine, although coolant level looks correct. The warranty covered the repair. I’ve had to pay the 3rd party garage and I’ll be reimbursed. Good result. Great help on here as usual. Thanks all.
  3. Yep. 10 each way. In traffic. Start stop used - although probably won’t any more! I wonder if it’s simply the battery on the way out. The only thing that made me think it wasn’t was that the stop start didn’t stop working. On my older focus ecoboost that was normally the first thing to go. Didn’t happen on my more modern ecoboost.
  4. I can’t find my cable annoyingly. I plugged the bluefin in and scanned for codes - case back with no codes found. Hoping the garage has the ability to scan it.
  5. Update This is odd. And worrying. I left the car at home until today. Haven’t touched it since Friday. I arranged for my local garage to look at it and called the AA to tow it there. The AA turned up and it started first time. I turned it off and it did it again. The AA tested my battery and said it was a bit low. I do 20 miles a day so that should be enough to charge my battery daily. Also, on Friday when I had the issue it wasn’t possible to jump start it. The tow truck on Friday, that got me home, said it was the starter motor. However the AA guy says that’s unlikely as it didn’t start when I got home Friday night after the bump start but started today after leaving it for three days. I’ve just left it at my local garage. They’re doing a trickle charge tonight and will test the battery tomorrow. Worryingly they said if that’s not the problem they may struggle to find what is as it sounds to them like an intermittent fault. So, any ideas anyone...?
  6. I drove it home last night and tried to start it again then. It wouldn’t have it. Would the above still be worth trying if it’s been driven?
  7. Yeah it drives a lot nicer with the bluefin. I’ll call my local dealer and get it booked in.
  8. I’m home! At last. And warm again. The recovery guy tried jumper leads but it made no odds. He reckons it’s a starter motor issue too but he was surprised for a 3 year old car to have a faulty starter motor. Is it worth me testing the battery first or just taking it to ford and asking them to sort it under warranty with a potential faulty starter motor? I got a tow and did a bump start. It started in seconds that way. No issue. Ran fine all the way back. When I got home I turned off the engine and tried to start it again. Just a single click. Nothing else. When the car first stopped working it was silent except for a slight whir. I tried the foot out of the door trick and rocked it back and forward. The car did the single click noise after that - before the jump start attempt - so perhaps it is a faulty starter motor?
  9. I can’t sadly. The angle I’m parked at and the terrain around me makes it near impossible to bump it. I was wondering about the starter motor. Hooefully a warranty job if that’s what it is.
  10. Not at the moment, no. It’s a bit far away. I did try the key in NFC mode - or whatever it’s called - but it made no difference.
  11. Possibly yes. Wondering if some part of the starting mechanism has died.
  12. Literally everything works. Except the engine. The dash lights up. Sync works. Central locking works. Sadly I don’t think it’s the battery. The test menu shows it with a reading of 11.6. I presume that’s a normal charge? When I press the start button I hear something whirring for a second from high to low then it stops.
  13. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Don’t think it’s been flashed by anyone else. Certainly not since I’ve owned it.
  14. Unless they can see a bluefin was on it before I remove it I’m not sure how they could? Hopefully they can’t tell....?