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  1. Sat Nav SD card

    Thanks for all the replies, I'm thinking either the cards I were sent were faulty or have missing/incorrect files (looking at Marlin66's photo as it looks identical) or I need one like what Mastachaz linked in his post. I've sent the card back so I'm going try the one Mastachaz posted and if that doesn't work I'll go directly to ford. I'll update when I have the correct card. Thanks again
  2. Sat Nav SD card

    Ok thanks again for the reply, I'll check.
  3. Sat Nav SD card

    Yes I've got the old card and the system works fine after putting it back in. is F17 similar to the F cards I've seen that fit the later models?
  4. Sat Nav SD card

    Thanks for the reply, this is my system and the card I bought.
  5. Sat Nav SD card

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a 14 reg mk3 titanium navigator, I'm really pleased with it so I wanted to update the sat nav to the latest update. I bought an mfd sd card matching the year it specifies with my car off eBay, I put it in my sat nav system but it said "data error check SD card". I informed the seller and he confirmed the card was the correct one for my car, he said it could be a something wrong with the card so I sent it back and I was sent a replacement. The second card is doing the same thing, before I send it back I wanted to know if anyone had experienced this error and was able to get it working. thanks
  6. satellite navigation any good?

    Thanks for the reply, I'll continue looking and keep my fingers crossed one comes along that I like!
  7. Hi, I'm looking at buying a Focus (a pre face lift one around 2013-2014) but I am finding it difficult to match the spec that I want. One of my requirements is satellite navigation but it seems it narrows the search results quite a lot, my question is: Is the satellite navigation any good or would I be better excluding this as a requirement and using a dash mounted alternative ? The satellite navigation I'm referring to are the ones in Titanium's and TX's (I think its a sony navigation system). Thanks