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  1. FORD FOCUS 06 - Won't start

    I sent the instrument cluster off last week and they've repaired and returned it. Said it had a few cracks in it. But even now with the repaired cluster it isn't working. Same fault with the immobiliser. Stuck on what to do next because most of the similar threads said the new cluster fixed the issue. Thanks for all your responses.
  2. FORD FOCUS 06 - Won't start

    Thanks for your reply. The immobiliser light is flashing fault 16. But I'm unsure how to fix this. And the several auto electricians I have had out don't seem to know either. How did you get your immobiliser fixed?
  3. Hello, Looking for some advice on my Ford Focus 06 plate. Went to start it the other week and it wouldn't turnover. There is just a clicking sound and ----- on the mileage meter. There is no sound of the fuel pump kicking in. All the electrics in the car work. Green Flag tested the battery, the alternator and spark plug. And they changed any fuses that were out in the engine fusebox. I was advised to get the key re-encoded which made the car work for about 2 weeks. Then it died again. Was advised to get the instrument cluster repaired which I sent off and have received back. Was told to get the fault codes reset in order for it to work. Had diagnostics test done and codes reset and the car will not start. Still the same problem. The error code coming up on the diagnostics is U1900 - CAN Bus error. Phoned FORD who have suggested I get a wiring and unit check. Which I'm looking to do next week. Have any of you had this problem or do you have any suggestions as to what it could be. So far no one has been able to pinpoint the problem and I don't want to keep throwing money at it if it's not going to solve the issue. I have read a few similar threads on this site but no one seems to have the same issue as mine. Cheers, Paul