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  1. Some of us are that sad that we download and read the instruction manual in that time period between buying and picking up the car 😁
  2. I've done a couple of very light touch gear changes over the past few years - the resulting grinding sound soon reminds me to be less gentle 😬
  3. Yeah I have the same on mine (not sure its called keyless exit) one tap to lock the car or two taps to double lock and alarm. It certainly isnt automatic as you have to manually tap the sensor pad. The only time I've noticed auto locking is if I've used the remote fob to unlock the vehicle then not opened a door it'll relock itself within a few minutes.
  4. I think the answer is you can't have it permanently displayed, well not on our BT/VC pre-sync head units anyway.
  5. Definitely worth getting your battery checked.
  6. I have no interest in discrediting Which?, was just pointing out the misleading byline and the article consisting of no news or old news. While I understand Which? is aimed at a general readership, articles of this quality do nothing to promote informed consumer choice.
  7. "We hacked a Ford Focus....", "....serious flaws.....that could put your security, privacy and even safety at risk" - A clickbait headline in printed form. The cars were purchased in 2019 and were sent to security experts but it doesn't state how long the cars were in their posession; a day, a week, a month, 6 months??? "It was possible to access a CANbus on the Polo.......We were unable to get a similar attack to work on the Ford Focus's Infotainment unit within the time we had for our tests" "In the view of our security experts it isn't good practice for safety critical systems to be connected to the infotainment unit. If the unit was compromised then in theory the more critcal systems could be too" They failed to compromise the unit. "All CAN access points are tricky to reach on the Ford" Regarding access to the Polo's front radar unit "While we were unable to create a proof of concept in the time allocated to our testing, we were concerned that such access could enable someone to tamper with the radar module" They failed to create a proof of concept "The tyres on the Ford Focus......are fitted with a tyre-pressure monitoring system........we were able to intercept the messages being sent from the tyres to the car's brain...........Someone could use this information to track your journey around town" The laptop and cheap gadget (probably an RTL-SDR dongle and the rtl_433 software) would need to be in the vicinity of the car to receive continuous messages if the car was on the move so the laptop, dongle and software would be an unneccessary expense, just tail the car instead!!! "We were also concerned that it could be used to spoof information being sent from the tyres to the car. Although we couldn't get a working proof of concept, we believe an attacker could use this to pretend ftat tyres were fully inflated, and vice versa" They failed to create a proof of conecpt. "Something more concerning came up with the Focus. While analysing the infotainment unit's firmware we found a set of wi-fi credentials that appeared to be for the computer systems on Ford's production line........Detroit, Michigan" Probably the network for setting up and testing the onboard Sync system while on the production line. I very much doubt that anything sinister can be achieved by connecting to this network but hey if you're ever right outside the assembly line in Michigan you could connect and have a look but then you probably already work for Ford and would more than likely know about the wi-fi network used and may already have login credentials anyway. It seems to be an article woth lots of words and nothing of real substance, with the exception of keyless security which is old news and affects most if not all all keyfree systems.
  8. I would agree with Stephen that a new battery will usually solve many 'random' faults. Back in January my 2012 Focus started playing up giving me the following 2 errors: Hill Start Assist not available and Tyre Pressure System Malfunction - Service required (a quick internet search mentioned this may be related to ABS sensor faults) This behaviour continued for a few days then whilst driving to work one morning the interior lights flashed, the nearside front xenon bulb went off and a fault warning to this effect appeared on the dash (I could clearly see the bulb had gone out in the reflection off the van in front), upon arriving at work I scrolled to the system check menu and it had stored the bulb fault. Looking online during my lunchbreak at the cost of a replacement bulb nearly brought tears to my eyes (especially as they were recommended to be replaced in pairs!!). When starting the car up to return home that evening it looked brighter so I got out the car to look and the bulb was working again, the system check menu was also clear. Plugged in a code reader the next evening and it showed DTCs in the BCM, PSCM, PAM and ABS modules. Battery voltage was showing as 11.4V and charge was 63% at engine off, voltage increased to 15v when engine on but charge remained between 60-70% over the next couple of days. Usual round trip to work is 30 miles, about 70% motorway 15% dual carriageway so it gets a reasonable run. There was also 2 instances within this time when I pressed the start/stop button and instead of just the engine stopping the whole car just died electrically, nothing would work and couldn't even lock it - it took about 5 mins to come back to life the first time and over 30 mins the second time. Anyway, the battery was replaced and car has been fine since then. Looked at the old battery when it was removed and it was dated July 2012 so it was the original factory fitted one, I guess 7.5 years was quite a good lifespan.
  9. Mk 2. See the 5th post in this very thread.
  10. Personally, I'd save myself the hassle and get them to deliver it especially as its free delivery on large kitchen appliances.
  11. The 'A' button has nothing to do with the parking sensors - it disables the auto start/stop feature of your car until the next ignition cycle. What is displayed on your infotainment screen when you put the car into reverse now that your rear sensors are working? Can you post a picture of what it displays. Also, do you have the 'Auto P' button? Can you post a pic of your button configuration underneath your climate controls. I don't think the 2014 Titanium came with front sensors as standard so the 2 pics will help determine if: You have factory fitted front sensors that aren't working, or You have aftermarket front sensors that aren't working, or You don't have front sensors.
  12. The 'A' button is to de-activate Auto Start/Stop. Does your infotainment display change when you activate the parking sensors manually (the button with the P and cone symbol)?
  13. Ah, mine is 2012 so pre-SYNC. Have you tried using voice control for the media player? The ex had a 2013 Fiesta Titanium with SYNC that she picked up a week before I got this Focus and she could ask it to play [insert artist name here] and voila..... I however was slightly disappointed when I tried to do the same only to find out I had the older BT/VC system which wasn't as advanced. I'm sure there as users on here with the same configuration as you who will be able to help.
  14. Sorry, couldn't resist 😁
  15. The D-pad arrows on the Sony fascia also work for me and there are no settings within my Audio Menu that can change this behaviour.