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  1. Hi All, I picked up my (new) used car a week last friday after a number of issues and false promises. after sitting in the car and adjusting the seat the handle came off in my hand and this was obviously already boken as it came off with no force and the broken plastic catches not in the car. i returned to the ford dealer who said he would order a replacement to be fitted when the car came back to have paint repaired. So as you can see not the best service, which leads me to my question...... How do i find the latest updates available for my car for: Nav - i was told latest would be given but got F5 PCM Instrument Cluster ECU Radio and any other items that could/should be updated Normally i would rely on the dealership but not after all the issues i have had (there is more) Thanks for all your help on advance
  2. Sat Nav Maps

    Hi All, What is the latest version of maps for the sync two console. I'm picking up a year old mondeo and have requested that the latest version is supplied but the dealer (main ford dealership) does not know what version this is, or so they claim and i don't want to be ripped off with them stating they have provided the latest version but don't Thanks in advance all Matt