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  1. R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan

    Wasn't she gorgeous? One hell of a voice too!! R.I.P Dolores
  2. Twin exhaust system

    Forgot to ask, is yours remapped? If so did you do it before or after the exhaust?
  3. Modifications

    Anybody else have any moments when something else catches your eye? I love my car and enjoying modifying it although progress is slower than i'd like. Anyway just spotted a 2.5 focus that's absolutely fully loaded, they must have ticked every single box when they bought it it's got elec folding mirrors with puddle lamps and handling suspension, full leather, 18" alloys the lot and it's only................forget it you already have a car
  4. Modifications

    Very nice Chris the twin exhaust look absolutely spot on, can't wait to get mine done. I like the black spoiler too!
  5. Funny that, these e-brakes are notorious for making the car slide sideways as well as forwards <insert forum friendly word here>
  6. Modifications

    Nice looking car, must confess I prefer the look of that zetec s bumper rather than the mk2 st one I have. Might change my mind when I get a day off to fit it and fill the holes with a stainless exhaust
  7. Focus Mk2 Zetec - St Bumper Change.

    Are the standard fog/reverse lights the same as the ST ones? I got a ST bumper with both light units minus the bulbs but it only arrived with the fog, reverse unit was missing?
  8. Servicing

    I apologise if this has been posted before, it probably has. I'm pretty confident/capable of servicing my car at home with the use of axle stands but the bit that puts me off is having to mess about bleeding the fuel system when I do the fuel filter, last time I serviced a diesel it had a priming button on the top and it couldn't have been easier but the 1.8tdci lynx lump hasn't got anything like that. Is it easy to do or is it a pain in the rear end. It's mot is due in march but so far struggling to get a wallet friendly price for a service (inc all filters) so gonna do it myself Cheers
  9. Mist Washer Jets

    Inclined to agree with you, been on the lookout for cheap/easy/quick mods while waiting for larger things to arrive but think i'll skip this one
  10. Photos

    Is it just me who can't see any of your pics posted on photobucket? It would be nice to see them but I get that box saying something about 3rd party hosting. Cheers
  11. Twin exhaust system

    That sounds amazing Dennis, definitely on the new year shopping list 😉
  12. Twin exhaust system

    Did you manage a video mate, obviously not while doing 70 though
  13. Egr Blanking

    Probably a silly question but some have gaskets and some are just plates, do you need a gasket for blanking off the egr? Getting it remapped in Jan so will get the EGR deleted

    That's the very same (or similar) head unit i'm looking at, what do you think of it? Was looking at the Sony one but it's not got a flat front and would either stick out or look silly if it's pushed back flush with the dash
  15. Bet it looks great unfortunately I can not see any photobucket photos either on my phone (on 4G) or works computer, is there anything I can do? *Ignore this I saw your pdf guide