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  1. Been a crazy busy day but will jump on it tomorrow and quickly get a nice mock-up together for you guys. I think it could come out quite nice if done properly
  2. Don’t quote me on this as I only heard through the sales guys but it’s something to do with the speed of production. They can’t keep up with the demand of the 1.5 so they’re dropping it for now until the new model is launched next year. But then from a separate sales person I heard that it wasn’t widely known why they were dropping it. I was one of the last out of the plant with the 1.5 locally. Such a shame as you said mate.
  3. So I’ve heard in passing. They’re running production with the 1.0 eco sport engine only now. Cracking little engine but I’m glad I got 1.5
  4. That’s pretty much what I’m thinking, flat plate then the lettering will be laser cut and stuck to it. I was going to do it with the same badge that’s on the wing but I just don’t think it’ll look right. Will see how a mock-up looks and post here in the coming days :)
  5. I’ve managed to get the 1.5 eco sport before they shift it over to automatic at the end of the month. Moving up from a detective S fiesta as we’re planning on having kids. anyway. I’ll try and get a sample done in the coming weeks but will mock one up and post her tomorrow or Monday and see how it looks!
  6. Hi guys, Brand new to the forums and to the moding culture as well. I’m due to pick up my Focus ST Line next Thursday and have been looking st various minor mods I could make to start off and I’ve noticed a topic popping up more frequently in various forums; the lack of grill bagde for the ST Line models. Im a senior graphic designer, worked for companies both large and small so I have a good idea on how I can replicate the branding used on the wing badges and have it manufactured as a bolt on badge through the grill. It wouldn’t look like the wing badge has just been put on the front. The ST logo itself, the line and the word “Line” will be laser cut (will cleverly join them all into one so it’s cheaper to cut). I’m just wondering if it’s something people would be interested in? Not got figures or anything like that as of yet but I’m just wondering if it’s worth trying and giving ST Line owners something they can use? I’m interested in seeing the response. thanks guys!