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  1. Fiesta Price Hike

    It seems the price of the new Fiesta has just gone up without anyone noticing. The 1.0 basic Zetec 5 dr now lists at about £400 more than in October at £15,895. Haven't hear any reports about this and a bit surprised in the light of poor sales figures generally.
  2. Registration date

    Have just got a response back from the dealer. I insisted on registration on day of collection. Just as Clive predicted there was immediate back-pedalling to say that was fine. Even asked if there was anything they could do in order to register it earlier. Not sure what they mean by this. Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Registration date

    Is it possible to have a new car resistered on the day of collection? I'd like to insist on this if it is possible but feel I can't trust the dealer now. Does it take a few day to get the reg plates sorted?
  4. Registration date

    Thanks - I thought it was strange that they were claiming it would speed delivery. The dealer is a local one - rather not name! I guess I have to be tough with them. Should I insist that they only register it the week of collection? I must say it has dampened my enthusiasm a bit and feeling a bit like calling the whole thing off.
  5. Registration date

    Thanks again - I'll insist they wait until it arrives. It does seem like they are rushing to meet targets. I'm a bit annoyed by it - they were trying to make it seem as if they were doing me a favour!
  6. Registration date

    Thanks for the quick reply Stoney871! The dealer was definitely intending to register it this month - I think they can get the VIN sent to them in time. They sent me an e-mail yesterday saying they had a build date of 27th October and were planning to register the car this month to speed delivery. I think they are up to something here. Can I insist that they wait until the car has arrived until it is registered? for t
  7. Registration date

    Sorry if I've posted on the wrong part of the forum but I've just joined! I wonder if anyone can help. I ordered a new Fiesta from my local dealer a few weeks back - it is a factory build. I've just been given a build date for 28th October and the dealer wants to register it in October to "speed delivery". It seems to me I'm losing something here - I haven't beeen given a specific delivery date, just mid November to early December. Surely it is best to ask them to hold up registration until the car arrives at the dealership? Otherwise I'd be losing out at least a month of warranty cover and the MOT would be due a month or two earlier than the 36 months!