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  1. Just as a warning .... when I got my fiesta last year the first time I went (from Newcastle) to visit my daughter in Edinburgh I discovered this 2x press for the boot. I don't use it any more as it was too expensive! A short while after arrival I went out to the car to get some tools from the boot. Opened it with the 2x press, sorted through the toolbox to retrieve what I wanted then shut the boot to go into the house. This was when I realised I had put the key fob down in the boot when rummaging for the tools. No way I could re-open the car! Spare key was at home! My only option was to get the train back for the spare key and train back up in the morning. So .... warning ..... open with 2x press but DON'T PUT THE KEY DOWN !
  2. offthewall

    Fiesta parcel shelf pivot broken off

    There was a thread recently about this:
  3. offthewall

    Help with Diagnosis

    The only one of these topics I can comment on is the fuel economy. Mine is a 2011 but an automatic gearbox so I expect the fuel economy to be not so good. On my regular return trips from Newcastle to Edinburgh I normally can clock 38/39. On normal weekly round town driving I'm lucky to get 32 and the impression I get is that this is about right for the 1.4 engine. On a positive note I would never go back to a manual after this, though, no matter how much fuel it uses.
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    MK7 Headlight Setting MOT

    Just had my Fiesta in today for annual service and MOT with my local Ford official dealer (Jennings). When I collected it I was told there was a note to say that 'headlamp adjustment had been made by internal switch to correct alignment'. When I got in the car I noticed it was set to 0 but I honestly don't know what it was before as I have never touched it myself. So ..... I would say that if you are being charged for this you are being ripped off!
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    Which automatic Fiesta to buy?

    A couple of months back I got my first ever automatic after almost 50 years driving to try and ease the arthritis in my knees. 2011 Fiesta 1.4 Titanium auto. I'm totally loving this car. The auto box is so smooth you can hardly notice the shifts and cruise control is the icing on the cake for longer journeys. The automatic transmission also makes stop/start town driving into a pleasure, almost. The only thing I don't like, so far, is the fuel consumption but, in saying that, I been spoiled in my last car with a 60 mpg diesel Toyota so not much could measure up with that! You should be able to find one within your budget. Mine came from a Ford main dealer for around the £5k mark complete with two year Ford warranty and breakdown cover. When I got it the cruise control wasn't working as it should so they took it straight back in and replaced the unit, no problem.
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    Automatic advice

    Thanks for all your comments and observations. Collected the car on Friday and seem to have slipped straight into the 'left leg out of the way' pattern without too much bother. All seems to be going well. Have a long trip in a couple of weeks so that will be the real test, especially the cruise control. My first quick try out of this had me a bit baffled as the handbook is so sketchy on how to use it. I was expecting to get something on the display to indicate a selected speed but, eventually, discovered that you have to actually reach a desired speed and then switch it on! There seem to be so many issues where the handbook is a bit hit-and-miss. Would have expected a company like Ford to be more on the ball with this sort of thing. Anyway ... thanks again. Any further tips are welcome.
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    Automatic advice

    Thanks. That is the sort of thing I was looking for. I would have presumed that but, without trying it, would probably be a bit wary in case I messed something up. I take it, under that circumstance, I would knock the shift over towards me then move M towards minus? Like changing down in a manual? Other situations could include a higher notch when needing traction for snow?
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    Automatic advice

    Hello all, First post here. After 45 years of driving in all types of vehicles both for leisure and professionally I finally succumbed to the pressure of arthritis knees and am getting an auto. Should be collecting at the weekend a 2011 Fiesta Titanium 1.4 Auto. In all those years I have never driven an automatic apart from once, for a few miles, so would like any user tips on methods and practices to use or avoid. Same goes for Cruise Control. Been looking through the handbook and can't really follow how and when I might use the M+ and - manual override. Any constructive advice would be welcome.
  9. Interesting. You make no reference to brake pads, etc. Are they not included in a service? What about such things as timing belt/chains? Are they not part of regular 'major' service?