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  1. Mk6 fiesta 2003 Semi auto gearbox problem?

    Can anyone point me to what transmission fluid is best use ?
  2. Mk6 fiesta 2003 Semi auto gearbox problem?

    Hi I passed my test in manual but just didn’t enjoy driving , was always nervous wreck lol then my dad got a auto Range Rover I had a go in and I was so more relaxed . I so I ended up buying myself this little fiesta and I’m fine driving, I probably would get a manual cause my confidence is fine now on the road I’d just need to get used to manuals.it was more of a confidence issue and lazyness then a disability
  3. Mk6 fiesta 2003 Semi auto gearbox problem?

    I’ve been told to check the fluid in the gearbox and top it up because this can cause problems
  4. Mk6 fiesta 2003 Semi auto gearbox problem?

    It seems to be doing it more when on a uneven road like if I’m going up a hill . It also does this judder when first pulling away I’m the morning as if it wants to stay in first but also wants to go into secound
  5. Mk6 fiesta 2003 Semi auto gearbox problem?

    Little bump see if anyone can help
  6. Mk6 fiesta 2003 Semi auto gearbox problem?

    Just a bump see if anyone can shed some light
  7. Hi all ive got a mk6 fiesta 2003 semi auto it's been a cheap car for me had it couple years and it owes me nothing but it's had this issue for a while now where if it's in first gear and goes to secound when low revs in clonks into 2nd, you can feel the clonk as if it's snapping into 2nd, it doesn't always do it. It can change smooth 3rd to 4th to 5th but 1st to 2nd seems to always have this clonk. It's just passed mot with couple advisories for track rods but I litterly know nothing about cars. I've heard allot people say the gear boxes in these fiestas are terrible. Any advice or experience with these cars and know if it's Common fault or it's gearbox that's gonna die ?
  8. Hi all

    Hi everyone owner of a mk6 fiesta 2003 that's doing my head in lol but it owes me nothing. Just want to say hello and hopefully ask some help to see what could be wrong with my fiesta 👍