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  1. 1995 Vauxhall Corsa - just after I passed my test, sold this after getting fed up with it not starting in the winter months. Focus MK1 - Write off after someone decided to crash into the back of me in stationary traffic Peugeot 307 - Head gasket went after 4 years Focus Mk2 - Loved it but I was sold a lemon by a private dealership I think, the dreaded IC issue after a week of owning it, then head gasket went. Focus Mk3 1.6 TDCI - bought this off my father in law at a very very good price after he went down the mobility route lovely car and very well looked after. I'm hoping I have better look with this one than past vehicles I've owned. Although I have promised him i'll will look after it better than my previous cars! 😅
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    You can press OK on the steering wheel as well to deactivate.
  3. Looks like you're not the only one experiencing delays with this car:
  4. Wow. That's a hell of a wait. I've never been in the position to order a new car but my father in law ordered a new Peugeot 5008 and got it within 6 weeks which I thought was very reasonable.
  5. Very friendly and helpful forum I have found. I have the same car by the way. 👍
  6. I did this on my Mk2 when I had it, got it stuck when trying to fill the car up on the opposite side going across the roof and at a funny angle, may have just pushed it in too far as you say.
  7. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I finally got round to getting this sorted. The guy in the listing above sorted this problem for me and I had my IC back within 5 days, highly recommend.
  8. Hi Damian, Thanks for your help, I have found the eBay listing and it is nearly £100 cheaper than I have been quoted by a place local to me. Think I might give these guys a go. I can report back if this resolves if people would be interested.
  9. Hi Guys, New to the forum and wondered if I could get some advice on a fault I'm currently having with my Focus. After doing some research I have found that the issue I am experiencing is probably the common issue with the instrument cluster, but just wanted to get some fresh advice and confirm this if possible. The issue I am having is when I am starting the car sometimes the car will not turn over, I am told this is probably the immobiliser? To get round that issue I can either tab the top of the dash or push into the plastic on the cluster and it comes back on. Once I am driving all the lights will flash up on the dash, all needles drop and do not move, also the mileage dialog box shows no miles, again I can get these back as previously mentioned but this doesn't last very long. Often most of the lights on the dash will go off and the needles and mileage will come back but 2 lights will remain, when it does this the car drives really sluggish. I have attached pictures if this helps. I have found this company that I can send it off to for repair: Anyone used these or encountered this issue that give me any advice on this? Cheers.