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  1. Nice one !!! I went from a 1.7 puma to this 140 and the turbo lag annoys the hell out of me ! Whats it like out of 1st before the limiter kicks in ???
  2. can you post a link to the dealer
  3. Some nearly new ones starting to pop up, mHEV 125 ST-Line X 1522 miles on the clock
  4. I was looking at one the other day, the stats have got it as the same 0-60 as my 140 with a higher top speed. So interested in what it drives like.
  5. I had a 1.7 Puma, similar specs as the 140 I've got now, but the 140 is no way near as much fun to drive as the Puma
  6. I'm waiting for the mild hybrid to come out
  7. I looked into this a while ago and found this on you tube. I haven't got round to it yet but his paste is made up of turtle wax rubbing compound and fast orange pumice soap hand cleaner ratio 25% rubbing compound - 75 % pumice soap If any one with experience in this sort of thing can report back it'll save me messing it up ;o)
  8. I replaced mine because it was cracked so had a bit more leverage to prise it out and it was still a massive ball ache ! I'd just look to replace the bolt as it will be far far easier
  9. Its on offer at Asda at the mo for £2
  10. I booked mine in for its 2nd year service last week. was supposed to be £189, but on the day I took out a 3 service plan. So the service dropped to £139 with 19x payments of £27.61 = £657.34. You get a "Valet" (i.e. wave a wet rag at the car) a curtesy car, AA cover and free puncture repairs. I can cancel it at any time and if I get rid of the car in-between services I get the residual back. I could probably get it a bit cheaper shopping around every year but this will do me for the time being
  11. Hahah Good work. What changed their mind as they seemed adamant that they wouldn't be doing anything ?
  12. Everyone should go to ford first I reckon, then keep this thread updated as a what ford are going to do
  13. Maybe you just got a nowty case manager lol. Also they're relying on the dealer providing them the correct information which might not have happened. I think I'm right in saying all the cases on this thread were done as " good will gestures" by Customer Relations and not as a warranty claim (probably to keep this massive fault off the books) I'd contact them back whilst their waiting for the pictures and tell them ( if you haven't already) that your fault relates relates to the ford technical service bulletin 16-2088 and you'll await their findings. Let us know what happens next, but don't give up just keep plugging away and I'll reckon they'll sort it.
  14. Is that how they're leaving it ??? I'm no expert but it looks worse (in the before photos) than previous examples that have only needed the painting fix. N.B. After reading this thread before Christmas, I checked my car and it was ok but found that a colleagues turbo ( 2013 1.0 99bhp I think) had started to rust. Trust Ford in Stockport hadn't heard of this issue and were inclined to do nothing until they were quoted the TSB number from this thread. They did the painting fix as recommend free of charge "out of loyalty as they'd owned Ford cars before " If I classed the rust on your car as 7/10 bad in the before photo their car was 3/10. I should have took a picture to upload for our records but didn't :o(