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  1. I just use my old trickle charger from the 1980's leave it over night ! Still works a treat even gets my start /stop to work for week or so,!! Just connect to positive and negative terminals, disconect nothing, never had a problem after.
  2. Welcome bob, you will find this a very helpful and informative forum, ive picked up loads of tips and info on here!! enjoy !!!!
  3. Hi all, i too have been following this interesting tread every couple of days, glad all worked out well for you bob !! Just dont forget to get those turbo pipes painted or greased !! Nice to get a good result !!!!!!
  4. Hi, ive just bought footwell leds from autobeam ltd on ebay, both working fine, a tenner for 2. and super quick free delivery !!!
  5. Hi bob, glad all going well after the shock of having your car stolen keep us informed of new car purchase, always good to know what you can get for your money!! and if you ever get any info on what happened to your nicked one !!!!!
  6. Sorry to hear your bad news, will keep a look out in loughborough area,
  7. Hi all, im using Bobr's tip with the silicon grease ( couple of quid from ebay), just getting into the habit of removing cap, smearing small amount on thread and back on, having no problems to date !!! seems to work .
  8. Hi matt , its a good idea about using bearing grease!! I always have a glace at mine everytime have bonnet up to check fluids etc , no sign of rust returning as yet but there was only a very small amount originally, will have a good look at mine very soon and repaint, now thread has brought this back to my attention !! Cheers
  9. Hiya, i used a strip of emery cloth to take off any surface rust , treated with hammerite kurust on rusted area, then after drying time , painted with halfords high temp paint, only used tiny amount , got enough paint to do every ecoboost in east mids , use smallest brush you can find , and repaint every year if want to .!!!!!
  10. Hi all, seen this thread back in 2017, on checking mine found small amount of rust, after cleaning and prep with anti corrosion and painting with halfords high temp paint, mine have been good ever since, just repainted last year , so if you want to keep them in good condition, iwould recommend painting them, It does work !!!
  11. Hi all ,thanks for heads up !! Just checked mine , slightly stiff , sprayed thread with silicon put back on, then unscrewed , came off easily !! Will re-spray regularly , then hopefully will not have any problems !! Cheers
  12. Hi, mine is the same, i only do short runs 6 to8 miles stop/start not working, but if go on a 30ish mile run Stop/xtart working again untill back to short runs !!! Suspect battery is past its best (4 years old) ,first sign of any starting problems this winter will change it , expensive £100 + .
  13. My 2014 model only flashes on double lock, just folds mirrors on single press of remote with no flash of indicators, asked at ford dealers said was okay even showed me on same model car in showroom !
  14. Hi, my black rubber door trim came away from passenger door, i had just bought car so was one of a couple of niggles which they fixed ! all ford mechanic did was stick it back with double sided tape,said thats how its fixed!!! been okay ever since !! should be able to get industrial quality of ebay !!?
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