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  1. Hi, I've put an airtec stage 2 filter and primary induction hose on a ford fiesta 1l ecoboost. When testing it I don't seem to be getting the "pshhh" noise from the filter when sucking in the air? I've taken it for a drive and the blow off noise is very loud but no real induction "pshhh" noise from the filter. Also when stationary and reving the car, there's no real induction noise from the filter Is there possibly a problem or will I need to purchase the secondary induction hose to be able to get the "pshhh" noise from the filter? Thanks in advance. Adam
  2. Okay thanks for explaining that [emoji106] I'll have a look and see if I can get the bike in the boot instead I think. Hopefully if I take the front wheel off it'll fit in there and save me 200 odd quid
  3. Thanks for the reply, sorry I've only just seen this. It turned out to be 3rd and 4th gear selectors that had to be replaced. Had a few problems getting the car into third for awhile so hopefully Ford have fixed it now. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow
  4. I was driving today and went to change from 2nd to 3rd, but it wouldn't go into 3rd. Tried 4th and the gear knob/arm felt really loose. Tried to go back into 3rd and it just fell into gear as though nothing was connected. I then tried 5th and it wouldn't go into gear, slowed down and tried 2nd and 1st and it wouldn't go into them either. I went down to where I'd left it to try and tow it home earlier and thought I'd give it a try to see if it would drive on its own first. I found that when the car is in neutral and you let the clutch up it actually starts to move forward. Then tried 3rd and 4th and again it tries to move when letting the clutch up. I then tried 1st, 2nd and reverse and the car would not move, it feels like the handbrake is on (I'm guessing its because its fighting against another gear?) I have a feeling its jammed in 3rd although it does sound as though its selecting other gears. I'm pretty baffled, the car is a year old and done 10k miles Any ideas of what it could be or someone who may have experienced something similar please let me know. I had a feeling that it was the gear selector but didn't realise at the time that it was jammed in a gear so I'm unsure Its been booked in to for Ford to look at it on tuesday. Thanks in advance [emoji106]
  5. Sorry to bring this old post back to life. I also have a red edition. Looking on halfords, they've given me a price of £220 for the bars, fitting kit, footpack and a Thule 774 Short roof adapter!? Is the short roof adapter necessary? I'm also wondering can I get any Thule roof bars and then just by the rapid fitting kit and 754 footpack to keep the cost down. Cheers, Adam