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  1. RoomyMusician

    TDR|XTC's Fiesta MK7 R

    Amazing, internals are still stock?
  2. RoomyMusician

    9,5J on MK2?

    Hello, I know there are small chances, but has anyone tried fitting 9,5j wheel onto their MK2 Focus? 18 inch, ET40.
  3. I figured it was time to make my own thread since I will own the car for at least one year. BTW, I'm from Slovenia, so you know where to put me on the map. Got this car from my dad in the spring. Took it because I knew the car was fine, got big service recently, so no big investments mechanical wise for some time. I'm coming from a 3dr Golf mk3, which was pretty low, I was always something doing on it. Here's a pic if someone would be interested. Focus is a wagon/estate/turnier/caravan whatever you like to call it. I really don't need that much space, two doors and 4 seats do it for me, but here I wasn't been able to choose. On the other hand mk2 focus to me looks better in estate version than hatchback. Almost forgot. It's 1.6 tdci with 100 hp. Yes, 100 hp. I still don't know if it is upgraded 90hp model or donwgraded 109 hp model.Weird, since you basically don't see 100hp anywhere but I guess it was some kind of a special edition. The trim is called "fifty", which adds to the standard Focus 3 spoke wheel, rear parking sensors (I don't know if those are oem or aftermarket), heated seats, heated windshield. Ok enough word, here is a pic on winter setup. First mod was to change climate control buttons from the ones on aliexpress 😛 Then it was time to go on summer setup. Wheels are from before, but I won't change them this year, cause they look fairly ok and the tires will last just enough through this season. Momo something 8j et45 on 225/45/17. Also did my callipers in yellow. Updates are comng, but slowly, cause I'm a student.
  4. I love white Ford logos. Where did you buy them?
  5. RoomyMusician

    Focus Cc Bumper On Mk2 Hatchback.

    There is a CC bumper conversion, but I found a ST bumper for 100€ and now I wonder if anyone have experiences what do I need to change when going from standard mk2 bumper to ST?
  6. RoomyMusician

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    Dang, those exhaust pipes look huge Nice car btw, really like the color.
  7. RoomyMusician

    MK2 Focus Estate same to V50?

    If someone else was searching. It turns out even V50 has the same suspension than s40, hatchback Focus etc. So strictly parts only made for focus estate.
  8. RoomyMusician

    MK2 Focus Estate same to V50?

    I know V50/S40/C30/Mazda3/Focus are based on the same platform, just this part bothers me about rear suspension. Thanks for your research :)
  9. RoomyMusician

    MK2 Focus Estate same to V50?

    Hello, I am wondering, wheather Focus estate has the same rear susupension mount than Volvo V50? Estate has shock mounted at an angle and longer coil spring ( different than hatch).
  10. RoomyMusician

    Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    How is the reception? better than oem? Mine is snapped too, and I want something shorter with just as good reception as oem.
  11. Hello, I want to lower my car, but as I have seen, hatch and wagon do have different rear suspension. Excatly what? The problem is I almost can't find coilovers for my wagon, for hatch there are some. Would it be possible to buy hatch ones and modifiy them to fit?
  12. RoomyMusician

    Ford Focus mk2 - Croatia

    You didn't give a link. I'm interested also in CC bumper.
  13. RoomyMusician

    Ford Focus mk2 - Croatia

    Hello, nice looking Focus. I'm from Slovenia, recently got a black turnier 1.6 tdci. But mine is still on the start of the journey. If you find two cc bumpers, let me now :D
  14. RoomyMusician

    1.6 tdci turbo?

    Hello, my '07 Focus 1.6 tdci has output power of 100 hp. I know standard ones are 90 and 110 hp, but mine is somewhere in between. As far as I know there is very few of those models. So my question is which version of 1.6 tdci it is? Detuned 110 or uptuned 90? I want to know, because in distant future I want to tune it some more. It already has remap but I don't know the end figures. Also while it is more than enough for everyday drive, I would like it to be even more fun. Speaking of I know 110 hp has GT1544v turbine and 90 hp has a different one.
  15. RoomyMusician

    Focus mk2 climate control panel change

    This is what I was looking for. Thanks guys. Sry for late reply.