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  1. Hi Nuno, Did the K&N filter make any substantial difference? Where, here in Portugal did you made the remap? I'm thinking doing the same to my wife's 100hp Active+. "I’ve a Fiesta Active + 100cv and I remap it for 145cv/240nm. The problem is sometimes Ive the feeling that the car doesn’t run allways the same. Sometimes it runs faster than the others." Did this became ok? Thanks from the South Side, Paulo
  2. Should be at Apim module configuration (Main)
  3. There's at least, two more attempts to do, use a 1 instead (Russian Ford Focus Forum) and use de Forscan drop down menu. I haven't tried them yet.
  4. @Martijn89 did you add climate control on the touch screen? Did you manage to keep stereo/surround option?
  5. With a 2, instead of a 3, got the correct distances in the instrument cluster. Still, no option to the stereo/surround ... Any guesses?
  6. Does anyone know the right code to have the climate menu on the touch screen and maintain the surround and the right distances in the instrument cluster?
  7. Metalzone

    Sync 3

    These are the files installed.
  8. Metalzone

    Sync 3

    I get the same result in all Ford sites, including Portugal. I'll take a picture later of the files installed.
  9. Metalzone

    Sync 3

    Thanks for answering DG97, I have tried several times, and this is the result, despite the map version beeing F7...
  10. Metalzone

    Sync 3

    Hi guys, Can someone please tell me, if there's a specific version of the f8 map for the Sync 3 v3,3 18201? Appreciate if someone can share the file number for the Map, licence and voice pack. Thanks
  11. Hi @Smartd00d, No news about the Traffic sign recognition?
  12. Hi Aris Gardelis, Did you lost surround sound, just by changing this hex code line: APIM 7DO-01-02: xxxx x3xx xxxx? This is one thing i was about to do...
  13. Hi @Martijn89 You're absolutely wright , the new Fiesta is amazing. When i programmed the autolock in my Focus, i did it in the BCM module. Found this in a Forscan 2016 Super Duty spreadsheet: 726-48-03 0101 0101 017D **** **** *1** - Auto Lock On **** **** *0** - Auto Lock Off Do you know if it's already been tried in a Mk8 Fiesta? I'm waiting for a new laptop battery, mine no longer offer me the confidence to make these attempts ...
  14. Hi guys, i'm in the process of trading my 2017 Focus St-line 125bhp for a Fiesta St-line 140bhp. I was wondering if, the autolocking could be activated/programed at the dealership? They tried with my Focus, but, they said that the option was not highlighted. I believe, I've read somewhere that, it's possible, they just don't know how... Later on, thanks to JW1982 and Forscan, i was able to program the Focus autolocking.