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  1. Sebjed

    2.0 tdci Powershift,thinking of remapping.

    Hi mate, just bought myself a galaxy 64 plate 2.0 tdci 140 powershift, what company did you use if I may ask? Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi Everyone first off advanced thank you to all the members! This is my first post so any opinions and advices would be greatly appreciated. I am currently driving a grand cmax 1.6 tdci manual and now I'm wanting to part exchange it with Smax 2.0 auto of the same year model due to change of circumstance an auto is required. There's no doubt that the Smax offers more space and arguably better looking but I'm just wondering what's mpg like on these? I can manage 50-55mpg easily on my manual grand mixed journeys and 60 on motorways at 65mph so would really like to know it's economy? I know Ford's official mpg figures are inaccurate so I'm calling out directly to members who own and drive this version of S-max 😉 thanks a lot..