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  1. hi thanks for your reply .the car came with 3 months warranty from the place we bought it as standerd no reply off them as yet ,the car also as a manufacture warranty left till september of this here for a car that as only done 43000 miles it as a lot of problems
  2. it's diesel fiesta 1.4 tdci , It has had a few minor problems since we bought it 2 months ago the car as been in to 2 garages and none have picked the oil leak apart from the oil leak it has a hissing coming from the fuel lines that is going to be replaced under warranty .i contacted fords about this oil leak and they are going to look at it when they do the fuel lines ,i am oblivious to why it’s not been picked up on the heath checks and the engine mounting are also causing a problem the car is low mileage the car place we bought it from is well known they should have done a 114 point check on the car before we had it so it was missed there to .take a look at the pictures and post your options this is a car valued at £7499 what would do if this was your car . a friend thinks it may be the crank seal or the sump seal if you look at the pictures there is stress cracks in the engine its self look at the arrows .
  3. I have a ford c max 1.8 tdci 38000 miles on the clock what is the max fuel consumption and what I should i be getting with around town driving And what can cause the car to get bad fuel consumption.
  4. How Do I Change Fuel Filter On Focus

    Out of all the cars I have owned this is a crap setup on a modern car I changed the fuel filter today and I had the same issues I think this should not happen .i was told to book it in to fords I filled the fuel filter up put it back on the car and towed it for about a mile and it sorted the issue out I think there should be an pump fitted to help the fuel through this setup is so useless My car runs perfect again thanks to others on the forum saying to tow it this saved me about £40 thanks people for posting this . :D :D :D :D :D :