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  1. 🤣Nice one...yes you are right,anyway fingers crossed i dont need it !
  2. Hi,thanks for the reply. Its from Ford UK,here is the Gold link below with info, Ford quoted me £145 for the year, its got full AA cover also ,considering i had a breakdown quote from AA for £169 , thats a plus as its included i guess. https://www.myfordprotect.co.uk/product-benefits.html
  3. Hi ,as my 3 year warranty ends soon,Ford has offered me their Gold Warranty cover, it seems to cover the main items that can go pop, has anyone had any problems when putting in a claim,and is it worth the money or is there better warranties out there ?
  4. Good info,many thanks again 👍
  5. Thanks for that , so they are not a freebie from Ford for a set period ?
  6. I did the latest software update to Sync 3 Version 3.4 Build 21194, does this update include the map update ( not to savvy on the software side) !
  7. Hi Phil, loads on Ebay,just search for Seat Belt Extenders, trouble is you cannot seem to verify if they meet any standards ,dont know if Amazon ones do ,Ford Spares or Halfords dont seem to sell them 🤔
  8. Anyone tried using these type of seat belt extenders in the rear seats of a Ecosport,as the buckle needs inserting into a recessed clip,it can be a real pain...not thinking of using on child/booster seat,just for adults.
  9. Cut and pasted this info from the web Pete, states Home cover is included with Ford Assist ,seems odd your TC's exempt it !! "What do you get with Ford assist? Ford Assistance Overview Ford Assistance is a roadside rescue, repair and recovery service that helps you at home or anywhere in Europe, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can also extend Ford Assistance, once your initial cover ends, with one of our Servicing and Extended Roadside Assistance plans."
  10. Thanks for that David, does is cover Home start as well please ?
  11. My 3 year Ford warranty is soon ending ,at present its covered for breakdown with Ford Assist as its serviced at a main dealers . (Odd that you have to request the the breakdown cover to continue , thought it would be obvious, on last service at my local main dealer i checked the invoice and it stated "Cover declined" ,went back to get it corrected as i was not mentioned,so beware !!) Just wondering if the cover continue after the warranty period if i still have it serviced at a main dealer, or does it "die" with the warranty?
  12. Thanks for the posts,will take a peek at the links for peace of mind👍
  13. Anyone had any major engine issues with the 1.0 lt petrol model, although i am nowhere near 50,000 miles ,but was told by someone "in the know" that at that mileage they have had lots of engines go pop 😣 (The1.5 lt engines are ok though it seems ))
  14. Mines an auto 2019 (9,000 miles) i only get 32.2 ,thats just on local roads and dual carriageways,no motorway miles.🤔
  15. My Eco was the same,but after updating software the brightness was reduced 👍
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