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  1. Have 2017 auto Ecosport petrol with 6,000 miles on clock. It would not start one morning so got AA out, before he even opened the car door he said " fuel flooding" !! He said the ECU sometimes "missreads " the amount of fuel needed and floods causing it not to start, he said he finds the fault quite a lot on callouts, all he did was pump the throttle 3 times ,on the last one he held it down for 5 secs and it started. On the cars i have had before have never heard of the ECU doing this,anybody else had the same happen,would have thought that modern ECU's would not do this !
  2. To delete the "service due" warning , all the man did was to turn on ignition, press both brake and accellerator pedal down at same time for approx 15 secs,release both,switch ignition off/on and the warning had gone .
  3. Have booked my Eco in for the problem to be looked at, but has anyone else had the "Service Due" message on screen well before its due. The car is 8 months old 3,300 miles. Is it someting i can delete somehow without the hassle of taking it in ?
  4. Thanks for that input Alex, she has not really had time to assess the fuel usage other than the simple fuel used divided by mileage, but as you say short hops of 5/6 miles which she does daily must impact on mpg. Mind you its better than the 22mpg on a run she got from her crap Peugeot 308 automatic,plus every week it developed issues and cost me £££'s, shen loves this motor as its lovely to drive she says .
  5. My daughter has bought a 2012 Fiesta 1.2 30,000mls petrol manual, its her first week owning the car and its getting 28mpg, she only does short hops but this seems a bit low, or is it about right ?
  6. Sorry if on wrong forum !... have a new Ecosport that came with complimentary AA cover, cannot find any mention in the paperwork as to exactly what level the cover is ( tried ringing AA but always on hold for ages ) , my main query is does anyone know if it covers for tow- away if in an accident .
  7. Anybody known if the Ford Assist Scheme that came with my new Ford ( i know its with the AA ) , will let you via a payment i guess, have AA cover for all cars that i may drive , i know you can have the "all vehicles" cover with the normal AA breakdown scheme .
  8. Have a 2017 ecosport , can anyone recommend a " seat belt comforter ", thinks that the phrase , the clip that you can affix to the seat belt so that its not too tight over the chest , seen a few on offer on Amazon but none sem to state which vehicles they are ok for , the set i had on my old motor will not fit this model i have,thanks for any tips.
  9. Many thanks for the replies , very helpful. The last Ford i owned was in 1968 , a Zodiac , i was the real " bee's knees" in that, with a crackly Radiomobile fitted in it , 'oh happy days
  10. Hi all , have a new 2017 ecosport Titanium Automatic 1.5 with keyless entry,start. If ever the fob battery dies , i realise there is a door key inside the fob ,once the doors are opened with it would the car still start ok even with a dead battery in the fob ?... i know i could give it a go now, but not sure if it would cause any problems with the fobs memory,etc.