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  1. New to forum and pics of new car

    Love the aluminium pedals. Are those available from ford? Wouldn't mind fitting those to my titanium x
  2. Titanium vs Zetec S

    Two questions Is the titanium ride and suspension setup any different from the other models apart from Zetec s? Does the Montune package include lower springs on the titanium so that the ride height and firmness matches the Zetec S?
  3. Awesome car but a few small gripes

    I couldnt get this to work :( It just reset the mpg trip.
  4. Awesome car but a few small gripes

    What about the heated seat switch? Is there anyone out there with it? Funny why it's not on my car with the full leather - and you cant specify heated on the ford options list - can you?
  5. Awesome car but a few small gripes

    I dont see a glasses holder there - just a sun visor. And page 80 shows a heated seat switch. Ive got full leather but there's no switch on mine........
  6. Awesome car but a few small gripes

    Also, one thing I forgot to ask, where is the engine temp gauge??? Does it not matter how hard you rev a cold engine anymore?
  7. Awesome car but a few small gripes

    Forgot about the sunglasses sun visor trick! Will have a look at that. Sorry, I do have the boot interior light, but no glove box light. Where exactly is your glove box light fitted? It's not too bad as the front roof light helps you see whats in the glove box when your parked up, but the rear seats are in complete darkness! Can't find anything round there at night! Will have to get a cheap led torch I think. Sarc, will get some pics up by the weekend as long as the weather holds up! Very similar to DanGull's car indeed!
  8. Well, after 4 months of waiting, I finally picked up a brand new Fiesta Titainium last week. It's white and its got lost of extras - parking sensors, full dress up, tech pack etc. I've driven nothing but focus ST's for the last 7 years - ST170, ST2 and ST3 so I was a bit sceptical about this purchase for months. However , after driving this car for the last few days I must say that this car has the best overall driving feel yet. It's so precise, nimble and it sticks to the road and handles like a dream. Its not as fast as my previous cars in a straight line - but its better through extreme twisty roads. I do have some very minor gripes; one of which is the lack of interior lights at the rear of the car. I really thought there would be a roof light round there. Same thing in the glove box and boot. I also miss some of the compartments such as a roof glasses holder and centre console draws. Would be great to hear if anyone has found any useful accessories to address these small gripes. Overall, I'm totally thrilled to have such a fantastic car! B)