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  1. Ditto. The dealership "fixed" it by stretching it out, but I imagine it will warp again.
  2. Wow, yeah. It does not inspire confidence when an official dealership cannot align their information with that of Ford HQ 🙂
  3. Very fair points. In our case we basically pre-ordered it and took delivery on day #1 it was available here. The dealership did offer to order the correct combination, but as I recall it would add about two months before we could get it. This was our first car, so perhaps the impatience got the better of us 🙂 They did give us a discount and various extras as a sort of apology for messing up the order. Interesting that you mention the inconsistent price list, Eric. There were a lot of confusion with our dealership as well where the price list didn't match the official catalogue and vice versa. For instance, the dealership was told by Ford that the adaptive cruise control was not available on the Fiesta after all. Very strange. Luckily this was corrected and included anyways.
  4. Not much help, but for what it's worth: I ordered my MK8 with the reverse camera, but the Ford dealership messed up the order and delivered the car without. They told me that it was impossible for them to retrofit it. They did offer to install a unofficial one, but mounted on the dashboard and not making use of the screen. I declined.
  5. Thanks for the tip, iantt. I'm not in the UK, but found something very similar after your suggestion.
  6. Thanks, Elliot, that's a very good suggestion. I had a feeling of wanting to solve it straight away, but I'm sure it can wait until tomorrow when I am able to get to a pump (on bicycle..). Thanks again.
  7. I feel quite silly for asking this, but will anyone have mercy on me and hint on the location of the drain plug on the MK8? Would it be hidden by the shields on the bottom of the car below the engine? Even sillier still, I am asking since I (sleep deprived and absentmindedly) overfilled the oil by at least a litre... (about twice over max on the stick). Luckily I caught up on the error before ***** things even more up and starting the engine. It's Monday...
  8. Like - The adaptive cruise control. Works without a hitch for me. Dislike - The interior build quality. The tray in the center console has warped, various plastic bits and pieces in the trunk are falling off already and the door panels are creaking when using the stereo.
  9. That's a good point I as a fellow northerner can appreciate, Jeipii 🙂
  10. Thanks, Nick. That's all I wanted to hear 🙂 I've had a few weird issues that kept me going back to the dealership to get it fixed under warranty, so I was a bit on the edge if this was another thing. Cheers 🙂
  11. Todays silly question: Is the "2x open hatch" icon on the remote supposed to do anything of interest? If I single-press the icon, the hatch unlocks, but stays put. If I double-press, the hatch unlocks and appears to be open a quarter of an inch more. Seems pretty useless 🙂 Would the expected behavior be that the hatch opens completely or is that an extra accessory?
  12. Anytime 🙂 It says "SYNC 3, softwareversion 2.3, Build 17109_PRODUCT".
  13. A quick test from me: Haven't used car for 30 hours, unlocked the door, plugged in the phone and it started charging straight away. Didn't put the keys in the ignition at any point. Eco Mode always off for me.
  14. Thanks, Eric, that certainly makes sense - and makes me feel a bit better about my apparently pretty shoddy fuel economy 🙂
  15. Pardon my silly question, but are the numbers you list US miles per gallon (i.e. 45mpg = 19.13 kilometre per liter) or miles per gallon imperial (i.e. 45mpg = 15.93 kilometre per liter)? I am getting around 16 kilometre per liter (45mpg imperial/35mpg US) with 45 min. daily city commuting and 2 hour motorway twice monthly in the MK8 2018 1.0 100HP.