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  1. Jjust fitted it today. seems fine. the BEST thing is that you do NOT need to remove the whole handbrake assembly from the car. you don't need to get underneath. remove all trim as per this video then you can fit this (look at this video you will see my post about it there as well). top tip is to use a paperclip to grab the cable as it comes down the handle so that you can pull the cable out and then around the plastic wheel. make a hook with the paperclip, insert into the handle just above the plastic wheel. feed the cable down the handle until some of it has come out the bottom of the handle. hopefully you have caught the cable in your paperclip hook,...hold the bit that came out of the bottom, and pull the paperclip out and bingo! if not, rinse and repeat. YOU WILL NEVER GET THE CABLE THROUGH THE CORRECT SIDE OTHERWISE (unless you take the whole assembly out). its a bit tight up against the lower plastic trim when you come to tighten the bolt through the hole, but just bend it....i managed to get a socket in between the trim and the bolt (make sure you have removed the plastic bush in the hole if its in there otherwise you will never get the bolt in!). make sure you test it before refitting trim. i had mine too tight at first and it prevented the handbrake from latching. red arrow in attached jpeg shows where to shove in paperclip took about an hour all in.
  2. my guitar string technique failed again. i have now found this, a replacement oem cable from x8r, they've only just started selling these, and they onyl sell them on ebay. £35 ive just ordered one, will let you know how it goes.
  3. by the way shooey, the links you posted are not the right cable, they are actually the handbrake cable to the wheels.
  4. hi guys, thought i would add my 2 penneth worth. same problem, snapped cable. i couldn't get it to work with one guitar string ( excellent idea by the way! thanks fastvelz). i couldn't tie a knot tight enough and keep the tension on the string at the same time. there's very little room to do it! i used 2 guitar strings so the strings have a brass ring at one end (with a hole through the middle). at the top, take one string and use the brass ring to anchor it in the plastic handle (you have to bend the string into the recepticle so that the brass ring pokes out sideways as it wont sit in the actual hole where the old one sat as its too big, but it will make it fast). then poke the end of the string down through the handle to the bottom. put the handle back together again. then get the second string, and feed it round the metal loop at the bottom (the one that pulls the tooth out of the cog) and loop it through itself (through the hole in the brass ring) and pull tight. now you have the two anchored ends, and two free ends to attach together. i used a chocolate block electrical connector. feed the two free ends through in opposite directions, pull tight with pliers and then tighten the screws. very fiddly, you will need 4 hands, but seems to be ok so far. having thought about it, i should have used 2 chocolate blocks instead of one , leaving them attached to each other by the plastic bonds that they already have, side by side, then i could have put one string into one side, and the other into the other side, and independently pulled each string tight as opposed to having to pull both tight at the same time ...probably would have been easier, and probably stronger . i haven't tested this properly yet, only did it tonight but i can now operate my handbrake ....for how long, i'm not sure but i will report back if it fails.