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  1. Engine system fault

    Hi! Then not sure what that would be - i have something in the dashboard so at least I knew there was something wrong ( i also have the red led that you have)
  2. System Engine Failure

    It starts well fine, never had issues, lowest temp in the morning since I had the fault was +2 celsius. I've only noticed that it idles at around 850 900 rpm instead if 750 but other than that everything seems to be fine. Thanks for the tip, I will first of all get some guides on how to change he glow plug. Should I change all of them or only the faulty one? Do they have a lifespan? How many does a fiesta 1.4 diesel have?
  3. Engine system fault

    Hi, I had the same thing on my fiesta, turned out to be a glow plug. Does anything flashes in the dashboard? I had a cog with an exclamation mark. What app did you use to read faults? I tried a free version first but only after upgrading to pro it was able to read the fault code ( not sire if i am allowed to say which app)
  4. System Engine Failure

    Hi people. I have an update - ran some diagnosis with an obd reader and finally got the error code attached. I'm not very good with cars but I take it it's nothing too serious and could be an easy fix?
  5. System Engine Failure

    It must be that I'm on mobile and it does not show up. On topic - can anyone confirm that this is the case - a fault can clear itself if it doesn't occur in a certain amount of time? Mine is still there, unfortunately. Thanks!
  6. System Engine Failure

    Off topic - everything* How do you edit a post?
  7. System Engine Failure

    Thanks for that! I'll check all the levels make sure everythink is fine and hopefully i can diagnose it tomorrow see if i get more details! It's just more of a scare when something pops out on your dashboard!
  8. System Engine Failure

    Hi, Yesterday while driving home a flashing cog with an exclamation mark appeared on my dashboard. It's been on since - haven't noticed any decrease in performance but i haven't revved the car over 2500 while driving afterward. Not sure what this could be about - the light showed up shortly after a gear shift but that might just have been a coincidence. I have a ford fiesta 2007 diesel 1.4. i ordered a odb2 bluetooth to diagnose it should arrive tomorrow - any advice on what i should do until i get to the garage on Saturday? Thank you, Cristian