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  1. Hi - Zetec S '56 plate here Engine management light came on today on drive home (I don't know if it could be a contributing factor whatsoever, but it was slow rush hour drive in minus 3 temperatures) Hooked car up to a code reader and it's chucking out P0131 (O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 1) and P0132 (O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 1) simultaneously which has me puzzled. Normally I would have assumed it's the sensor itself playing up - but I got the Lambda sensor changed no more than 2 months ago when it threw out a P0030 code and failed the MOT emissions test - both of which were remedied once it was done. I hear that they can fail again, but the fact different codes have come up has surprised me Anyone have advice for what to pursue or similar issues since fixed? Any help greatly appreciated
  2. Hi All, I recently got a 56 plate Zetec S. Got it on the cheap, as there's a few bits and pieces (mostly trim) missing. The one quite major piece missing however is the air filter box. At some point in the recent past some chav had fitted a 'performance' filter. However, when said chav sold the car, they never bothered to replace the stock filter. Thus, I've been trying to acquire all the bits of the stock intake system to prevent having to run unfiltered air into the system. I managed to get the filter box from silverlake (scrappers) but they didn't have the intake hose or the moulded plastic at the end of said hose. Does anyone know either where I can get one, or what I can actually search on ebay etc? I don't even mind going to Europarts new but I don't know what to search. I've stolen a photo off someone elses post as I'm lazy af; but it's the arrowed hose going into the filter in the bottom right corner Im missing
  3. Hi I have an issue with my '53 KA Collection, where the gearstick has gone floppy; in the sense that I have a lot of left-right movement/rotation whilst in gears and I'm not entirely sure has caused it. I'm reluctant to spend too much money on getting a diagnosis for a car which is only worth a few hundred quid and is most likely going to be scrapped in Feb; so if I could get any useful pointers for where to start that would be much appreciated. Driving home, I noticed it starting to give whilst changing gears. Within a few minutes it had gotten so bad that with any attempt to select 5th, I was just getting 3rd (in the position I would normally find 5th), meaning I had to drive home across 60 miles of Great British dual carriageway nursing it home in 4th. Not fun. I would estimate at the moment in either 3rd or 4th I've got about 30-40 degrees of movement left or right (I think its a rotation rather than a lateral movement), first and second are both selectable (albeit only just) but 5th and reverse are just out of reach of the box. Once in gear, the car is running fine; so no immediate worries with the clutch though I can hear the faint beginning of the end in it. I don't really have any understanding of how the linkage works in the KA, but my first guess would be a bush or possibly a clip from the stick to the main linkage as the stick itself has gone and it's only left/right movement Does this sound plausible? Or would you suspect something far more sinister in the depths of the car? I would preferably like to keep the car on the road for the time being, as savings come February will allow me to buy a better 'upgrade'. But that said, a ridiculously expensive job isn't really on the cards Thanks