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  1. Noise led me to another problem?

    Thanks for the reply I have noticed a few nicks in the rear tyres, 1 particularly bad I'm actually going to get it checked tomorrow, quite a deep slash might need a repair or replacement, will see how it goes after sorting this As for the rubber it seems nice and simple so will pop into Ford and get the parts to change these over, anything else worth replacing while I'm at it?
  2. Sorry going to tell you a life story lol When I bought my fiesta it had an odd noise, sounding like constantly driving over small bumps, thrum thrum thrum In the end this turned out to be rear wheel bearings, replaced both and all fixed nice and quiet again Now a month down the line or so a very similar sort of noise has come back, it's not all the time and only seems to be at speed above 40mph, really does sound like hitting small bumps in the road constantly, so my first questions is does anyone have any idea where I would be best to look to try and track this down? Secondly I had a quick look around the wheels today and had all 4 off 1 at a time to see if I could see anything odd and all seems pretty good, rear bearings are moving nice and smoothly still but what I did notice is the rubber on top of the springs on the rear wheels has almost completely disintegrated, is this a big problem at all? And how easy is it to change these myself? Would I need spring compressors?
  3. Reverse camera retrofit

    Hi, you need either MFD4 or MFD5 colour display MFD4: http://pro-ford.com/focus/ford-focus-3/muzyka/displey-4-2-kuga-2/?sl=en MFD5 attached
  4. Retrofit Ford Reversing Camera to 2016 ST-Line

    Boot trim is easy, remove the 2 side bits, remove the screw from the handle, hold metal part of boot with 1 hand and boot handle with another, good hard yank and it will start to come off, it's only those silly little plastic push clips that hold it on Camera and trims are regularly available on ebay, normally for around £150-200 but if you keep your eyes open you can get a bargain now and again, got mine for £60 :-D
  5. Reverse camera retrofit

    Yes camera can be fit to either screen, the connector is different is all
  6. Reversing camera

    You can double check by removing boot trim 3 screws, 1 in handle and 1 at each side, pull sides off then pull while trim off
  7. Reversing camera

    This is not good for you I'm afraid Is it 3 missing in each? If so you have no wires for camera in boot, you need to run cable from screen to camera and also power 12v, ground and ecm wire to ecm
  8. Reversing camera

    Your post is not quite clear, where are the empty pins? Both colored side and black side?
  9. Reversing camera

    Looking at that connector your looking to see if all pins are present, all the colored side pins should be present then check to see if all black are present or if 3 are missing, if all are present you most likely have wiring in the boot for the camera
  10. Retrofit Ford Reversing Camera to 2016 ST-Line

    Hey buddy Seems like you have checked most bits and looks/sounds like your quite lucky and have most bits already installed Next thing you want to do is check inside your boot itself, open it up, on your boot trim remove 3 screws 1 in each side and remove 1 from boot handle, 2 small plastic sides pull off first then whole boot trim pulls off From there your looking for loose connectors, you should have 1 in there which is for the camera, 6 pins and green in color If it's there you literally just need the camera and boot piece along with a fuse and some reprogramming which can be done using forscan Would recommend ebay for parts, be much cheaper than Ford ;-)
  11. Gas Strut Bonnet

    Pretty much
  12. Gas Strut Bonnet

    Hey guys, think I should of been a bit clearer I've been speaking to dark ice designs and purchased the kit without the struts as I think the kit would prob work better with stronger struts To get an idea of what strength struts to buy I wondered what is used in the sico developments kit The dark ice kit has 2 160n struts so 320n total but what's the one in the sico kit as that will make it easier choosing struts for the dark ice kit...
  13. Gas Strut Bonnet

    Anyone in here use the sico developments gas bonnet strut? If so can anyone tell me the rating of the strut/how powerful it is?
  14. Ford Sync Updates

    How To Install New UK Update 5.11: First download new update from Ford website directly here: https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ Then format a USB stick to Fat32 From zip file downloaded above extract SyncMyRide folder to USB stick (if you go onto USB stick you should have "SyncMyRide" folder) Download 2 files attached to this post, rename them removing the .txt extension and place them both on the root of the USB stick (you should have 2 files "install.lst" and "autoinstall.lst") USB stick should now have 2 files and 1 folder containing another 7 files Place USB stick into car, start engine, turn OFF start/stop, go into menu - Sync Settings, Install on sync, press yes Installation will take approximately 20 minutes, do not turn of engine/ignition or remove USB stick until sync verbally tells you the update is complete and the update complete message comes up on the screen autoinstall.lst.txt install.lst.txt
  15. Armrest Ideas?

    So got a titanium with stock armrest Love the lit up cupholders, hate the armrest It doesn't function for it's intended purpose Only option I see at the moment is aftermarket armrest and switching to standard centre console but then I lose the lit up cupholders Don't really want that Are there any other options? Would be nice if there was a way to extend the armrest or something, new top on it or something Any ideas anyone?