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  1. liamstears

    Ford Sync Updates

    Done a quick dif, same update but they have changed autoinstall and install lst's Still says E1BT-14D546-KB instead of E1BT-14D546-KC though
  2. liamstears

    New steering wheel

    Anyone know if the new 2018/mk8 st line steering wheel can be fit onto mk7.5 cars? Looks like it will physically fit but functionality of buttons?
  3. liamstears

    Ford Sync Updates

    Honestly..... No idea I have nothing to compare it to, going from a v7 card it just worked instantly once plugged in, I do remember when putting in the v7 card for the first time the system updated but it didn't with this new card With nothing to compare it to I can't be sure but it is working...
  4. liamstears

    Ford Sync Updates

    eBay item number 282931004945 Arrived quickly too
  5. liamstears

    Ford Sync Updates

    Came from eBay....Much cheaper Arrived today anyway, please see attached pic, looks completely different to the old one, actually had a V7 (2017 Maps) which you can see on the left and new one on the right What I noticed though is that the new card when inserted just worked straight away no problems at all but I remember when inserting the old V7 one it had to do some updates etc before it would work Questions is, is that normal? Or should the new card have done some updates too?
  6. liamstears

    Ford Sync Updates

    Wasn't aware newer cards were available, thought the updates were only for touchscreens So I actually just bought a new card myself, claims to be the latest and compatible with the Fiesta, will give it a go and if all is well I will sell my V6 card Thanks for the heads up
  7. liamstears

    Ford Sync Updates

    Updates sync only, to updates map you need an sd card, latest is v6, head over to eBay and type in this listing number: 173409432135 Cheapest on there at the moment, you can occasionally pick them up for £20-25 but that price is still good (some sellers are about £40, think ford is £60-80)
  8. liamstears

    Seat belt stripe/outline

    Anyone know the deal with these? Noticed some cars with half leather seats have black seatbelts and some have seatbelts with a silver/grey stripe down each side? Anyone know which models got what?
  9. liamstears

    Forscan lead

    Actually yes global opening/closing should work If you have electric fronts they should have one touch anyway and if it's not working it may just be a case of they need resetting (check manual but basically open window, hold open button couple secs n let go, hold button again couple secs let go, close window, hold button couple secs let go, hold button couple secs let go, do 1 window at a time) But global should work anyway mine did straight away when I added it with only front electric windows, since then though I have converted to full electric windows
  10. liamstears

    VCX Nano - Programming?

    Bumping, anyone??
  11. liamstears

    Help pls! Unidentified hole in between spark plugs...

    Cant find a lot but hope this helps to give an idea:
  12. liamstears

    what is PAM SCAN PATTERN setting in forscan ST Fiesta

    Did you get anywhere with this? Spent some time on it today and done lots of tests and now 100% happy I have the right settings for this mod I have attached a picture and in that you can see my current settings on the left and when loading a backup file my old settings on the right so the important ones are: Alarm - Needs to be changed to: Alarm CAT 1 (Thatcham Alarm) Level Sensor - Needs to be changed to: Level Sensor Interior motion sensor - Needs to be changed to: Interior Movement Sensor And that is it! Just those 3 settings need to be changed, have confirmed this through various tests and using asbuilt from ST's with alarm fitted from factory (although if I'm honest I have no idea what/if the level sensor change does anything or where this sensor actually is?)
  13. liamstears

    VCX Nano - Programming?

    Anyone got one? Use one? Before buying want to know if its worth it, already have forscan and OBDlink MX but wonder is VCX can do more 2 things I would like, first is ACM as built, with forscan all I see is: 727-01-01-0030 Does VCX/IDS see more? Second key programming, can it program a 3rd key? This would be for a 2014 face lift fiesta titanium Hope someone can chime in...
  14. liamstears

    Help pls! Unidentified hole in between spark plugs...

    I'm thinking cylinder head temp sensor... EDIT: as for oil, might be worth checking the core plugs/blanking plugs that are between spark plugs 1 and 2 and between spark plug 3 and 4, these may need replacing also
  15. liamstears

    Reversing camera

    Prob is possible, don't know details of the wiring to the mirror myself though so can't help without wiring diagrams