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  1. Had the car up on the jack and span the wheel couldn’t hear the squeaking took the week off and checked all ball joints, both of the cv boots, The brake pads and the suspension all of them were ok I span the brake disc and could hear a slight grinding I think the squeaking is either my calliper seizing or the bearing has gone
  2. I’ve sorted out a jack and wheel brace so I’ll be finding out later
  3. Just trying to get a few ideas that I can check when I get home I’m trying to source some tools to get the wheel off where I am so then at least I can have a proper look
  4. I was thinking it could be something rubbing on the disk or the calliper is seizing but I’ve got no tools with me to check these until I go home in a few weeks
  5. I had an intermittent squeaking a few weeks back so I took both front wheels callipers and pads off to check them and they were all fine put new copper grease on and replaced them and they were fine until the other day when this constant squeaking started
  6. Hello all, I have a 2010 mk4 mondeo and I’ve recently noticed a high pitched squealing coming from the front right wheel while driving and braking but the squealing stops when I steer left. Does anyone have any idea what this could be as the brake pads are fine and still have plenty of friction plate left on them so that rules out wear indicators
  7. Connected it up to my mates car on the jump leads and it was sparking from the positive terminal and there was blue sort of fuzz from the alkaline leaking out of the terminal so I changed the battery and it’s still making the clunking noise but not turning over even though it would turn over a bit when it was on jump leads
  8. Nah starter motors not burnt out I only kept it turning for a few seconds each time and I’m going to try to jump start it and use some easy start to get it running and the pump should kick in and for the people commenting about the common rail I know it bleeds itself and it’s high pressure and what it can do you you if it injects into your skin but as it was making the same noise engines do when there’s air in the system stopping the fuel getting through I thought it was worth a try
  9. You can’t check the specific gravity on the battery as it’s a maintenance free one also I didn’t remove the injector and you can check the voltage in a battery using a multimeter
  10. Just got a multimeter from work and checked it the battery still has 12volts in it there’s power getting to the starter solenoid cause you can hear it clunking when you turn the key
  11. I can try that but after cranking it over a few times it’s stopped turning you can hear the starter solenoid engaging but there’s nothing else all the electrics work though as well
  12. I realised my no4 injector seal had gone so I went to change it disconnected the fuel pipe and electrical connection and I couldn’t get the injector out because of the carbon deposits around it and the intake manifold was in the way so I put it back together and went to start it and the engine was turning over but not firing as if it was being starved of fuel I cracked off the injectors to bleed them but there was no fuel coming out and now it won’t turn over at all even though the battery is fine all the electrics still work on the car. Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated
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