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  1. Happy Birthday ccfc1987!

  2. suspension probs?

    hi check the rear drop links mine went last week after 6months made a banging sounds going over pot holes
  3. Poor idle Mondeo problem

    possibility is a vacuum leak. All air entering the engine must be measured. Air Intake System Any unmeasured air entering the engine will cause a lean fuel mixture and will result in a rough idle. Check all the vacuum lines and hoses and make sure they are supple and have no cracks. Also make sure they are connected tightly. If the hoses are stiff or have little cracks in them, replace them. Also be sure that the lines are connected to the proper devices. There might be a Vaccum Hose Routing Diagram under the hood that will help you make sure the hoses are connected propery. As a Scottish Chief Engineer once said: "The more they overtake the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain." also check the air mas senor
  4. Poor idle Mondeo problem

    as you have had a sensor changed you might have to reset the ecu try it and see if it makes any diffance
  5. dodgy starting on mondeo

    had problem with remote locking i rest the ecu no problems after that reset the ecu disconnect your battery leave it for 30 mins and reconnect Make sure you know your radio code Also you need to reset the one touch windows if you have them (without resetting ti you wont have global closing either).
  6. just thought id say hi as im new to this forum the names joe i own a mk2 1.8 mondeo