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  1. Remap thoughts

    I had my car remapped today however mine isn't a diesel engine. I paid £400 for the stage 1 Revo remap. It ran on the dyno as 126bhp standard and the remap took it to 156bhp aswell as increasing the torque from 172 N.m to 230 N.m. Certainly felt the difference when it had been done. They also mentioned if I had of been using V-Power instead of normal unleaded, they could have got an extra 10bhp out of the map but I was happy with the increase as it was
  2. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    I was driving behind my Dad in the dark on my way home, he's got darkened rear windows and said they were very bright. They're probably fine from a distance but obviously when I'm stopped at a junction with them on, I don't want to blind someone sitting behind. I parked up outside my house before and double locked the car, the indicators flashed and lit up the street
  3. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    I finally got the premium LED indicators from Autobeam and fitted them today and they are actually blinding. I was blinded when I just opened my car and the indicators flashed so God knows what it's like for other drivers being behind me or looking in their rear view mirror. Could anyone point me in the direction for some sort of cover/sticker that goes over them to tone it down a little and make them less blinding
  4. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    When I bought my car it just had the Phillips standard bulbs in which had a yellow tint to it. The X-treme ones give a nice white glow as well as being bright on the road, I was wary about them fitting nicely with my LED side lights as the LED's would be a lot whiter but I think they look alright together You can get Phillips white vision bulbs which are more white but I don't think they light up the road as much then you have the Racing Vision ones which again give a nice white glow but are alot brighter than the X-treme therefore have a smaller bulb lifetime https://www.philips.co.uk/c-m-au/car-lights/headlight-bulbs/halogen That link shows you all the different types. Obviously other people will have a different opinion based on what they use but that's just what I've found based on a bit of research :)
  5. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    It took me ages to get a reply from Autobeam, told them of my issues with the bulbs, they eventually asked if I wanted to return them but by this time I had accidentally damaged them getting them back out. I had ordered the H7 LED unit (with the rubber caps) from them too, the site said they were out of stock but arrived at my house a week later, by then I had already fitted my Phillips ones which were great and I couldn't be bothered to try them :/
  6. Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    I had the same problem with the ones from Autobeam, upgraded all my lights to LED apart from the H7 dipped beams and the H15 DRL/Main beams which are halogens and they were dismal, took my car for a spin on my break during work one morning to test the new lights and couldn't see a thing on the dark roads. I ended up taking the dipped beam ones out and replacing them with Phillips X-treme vision. Not managed to find any better H15 ones though
  7. Owner's manual

    If your car was registered between June 2007 - July 2008, use the top link, if it was registered between October 2005 - May 2007 use the bottom link. I'd hazard a guess and say there isn't much difference between the two manuals
  8. Owner's manual

    Hey, I'm assuming this is what you're after? http://secure.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/Owners-Manual/