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  1. Hi folks, First time posting here but have been lurking for a while. We have had the Fiesta for around 5 years from about 55k miles from my wife's sister. It'd been running quite well but it was going through that age of money being sunk into it for replacing things. Anyway, over the past year to year and a half the car has had a very intermittent fault. So from the top: The first time the problem arose was when my wife was doing her usual commute to work (7 miles one way) and the car had lost all power and the engine malfunction warning came on. This was the first time anything like this happened, I hadn't noticed anything unusual previous to this. It was taken to the garage that we've always taken it to and they couldn't find anything wrong with it as the problem seemed to have gone away. They brought in a specialist to diagnose the problem and performed an ecu update. Then the problem seemed to have happened a lot less if at all. The problem came back probably a few months later but not as aggressively. I had noticed that there was loss of power largely only on the motorway at higher speeds, 70mph+, it felt like misfiring. This was still very intermittent and I never pushed for a diagnosis since over the past year the car had been in for a service and MOT, and the garage never found a fault. Fast forwarding to today. The fault came back in full force. Last night the car lost all power and we broke down on the motorway, the engine malfunction warning came on. The RAC guy came to have a look (he was great btw) and he got it running so we could go back home. His report showed two faults: Diagnostic Codes RAC DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM System Type: ENGINE SYSTEM TEST/VALUES Name: F6JB - TDCI - 1.4L - 50 (68) DTC: P0380,Glowplug, control circuit DTC: P1203,Cylinder #3 Injector Circuit Open/Shorted He cleared the P1203 error by disconnecting and reconnecting the connector to the injectors. We drove back for an hour and a half home, doing around 70mph, and the car misfired (best I can describe it) very lightly around 3-4 times. We went out today also, just around town never going over 30mph and there was a couple of points where the car would misfire. I decided to have a little look around the engine and tried to get to the injectors, but I'm too much of a novice to get to it, I noticed a sound much like squirting every revolution. I had noticed this sound before but dismissed it but my wife insisted that she noticed it since the first time the problem arose since a year and a half ago. I sent a sound recording to my brother, who's quite a dab hand at cars, and he seemed to think that it could be a faulty seal for an injector. I have a booking for the same garage on Monday but apprehensive because I don't think they will know what it will be since they never diagnosed it previously. So, could somebody give some advice and possible a specialist in Bristol? I appreciate the time anybody takes to reply and I'll try to give more info if they request it. Thanks!