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  1. Took the plunge followed the instructions supplied all is good. Very happy.
  2. Morning Guys Any further help anywhere as I am not using facebook anymore? Thanks
  3. Hi Not on facebook anymore and no plans to use it again..I know that this forum isnt that busy but sadly have no need or desire to go on facebook. 😞
  4. I have been given this kit for christmas..looking through the instructions I am too scared to attempt fitting...seems a lot of bits to remove to get to the existing tray:-(...looking for inspiration...
  5. Looks like its all sorted now 🙂
  6. I have been thinking of buying this kit but have been unsure as well.....may be time to get it😊
  7. Hi I am doing the update now but having problems about to change the settings in Forscan APIM settings but the values are different to the instructions...Help anyone...please
  8. Hi Bannko I am the proud owner of a 2015 Mondeo Estate but would like to add the sat nav on my sync 2. If possible can I have your instructions. Thanks in advance. Steve