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  1. Oil leaks from Gearbox case

    yeah thats what i was told
  2. Climair Wind deflectors

    No - he fitted them to his KUGA!!
  3. Climair Wind deflectors

    I have found the Team Heko ones on ebay, anyone fitted them to their edge? £47.55 delivered seems a great price for a set of 4. TEAM HEKO WIND DEFLECTORS
  4. Rubber Mats and Boot Liner Bargain

    great find, but i think im still going to go for the hatchbag boot liner
  5. Noisy heated seats

    mine is a 2017 and has fans fitted, annoying at first but i just turn the radio up
  6. Bonnet guard

    anyone got the part number please
  7. Over The Pond

    whats the forum called - do you have a link?
  8. Bonnet guard

    Love the look of that, are they available in the UK yet?

    I'm thinking of upgrading the puddle lights to LED's. Looking at these ones HERE they look good, also get free numberplate LED's too Anyone recommend any others before i take the plunge and get stung with import duty? I know postage is a killer but they are 10 x brighter..
  10. MPG

    2500 miles and i'm running around 33mpg 2ltr sport with 20" rims - second week of ownership, disappointed with the return so far
  11. Ford Edge forums

    Any other Ford Edge forums anyone can recommend?
  12. Phone Text on dash

    Thanks all, now I can get messages up. Haven’t got a manual for car yet, dealer is sorting it
  13. Scuff plates wanted

    Anyone know where I can get some door scuff plates from? Preferably stainless ones that lip over the edge of the sill. But would consider anything. I just know SWMBO is going to scuff the sill.
  14. Phone Text on dash

    I have an iphone 5s (yeah i know its old) how do i get text messages from my phone to my screen? i just can not seem to work it out
  15. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Thanks for that - it looks like they charge or am i reading it wrong?