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    Cvt History And Fluid Change

    Hi everyone. This is a very old thread but I'm hoping someone can help me still. First of all I know nothing about cars but bought a 2004 c max 1.6 diesel TDCi couple of months ago as I needed a car for work badly. Four days ago while driving home from work and a stop in a grocery, my car stalled. It starts fine but dies immediately when put into drive or reverse. I had to be towed home. The following day the car was running again. Garage found error code p1145 but he said he's 99 percent sure it needs gearbox replacement which costs more than the car itself. I was able to drive the car home. Yesterday when I tried to start it it wouldn't turn over but all the lights are working and an engine system fault showed up. I don't even know how I am going to rid of the car as no one will buy that at it's state for more than 500 Euro. I have read in this forum about flushing the oil and I want to ask some opinions if you think it's still worth to try that. Like what I've said I know nothing about cars so it has to be brought in a garage. I don't even know how to bring it to the garage as it won't start and I'm very hesitant now to spend another penny on it if I can't make it run again. Hope to hear some answers. Thanks in advance!